The AG-AF100 series Interchangeable Lens Guidebook

AG-AF100 series: Impressions & Reviews #01

The Panasonic AG-AF100 series is an interchangeable lens HD video camera recorder equipped with a Four Thirds image sensor. The lens mount adopts the Micro Four Thirds system with a short flange back distance. When combined with a mount adapter, a wide range of lens groups can be used.  The recording format is AVCHD, with multi-format support for worldwide use that includes 1920 x 1080/60i, 50i, 30p, 25p, 24p or 1280 x 720/60p, 50p, 30p, 25p, 24p. In PH mode, the camera recorder can record at maximum 24 Mbps...

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Making full use of interchangeable lenses 

To enable a photographer to create exactly the video they have in mind, the photographer has to consider a wide variety of elements, including the camera’s performance. The imaging power of the lenses is one of the crucial elements.
The previous generation of small camera recorders suffered from small sensor sizes and non-interchangeable lenses, so images naturally had a deep depth of field. Photographers overcame this problem by attaching still lenses or PL mount lenses with DOF adapters to the small camera recorder lenses...

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Using PL Mount Fixed Focal Lenses  #03

In this section, we attach a mount adapter for the PL mount to the AG-AF100 series and shoot video using three PL mount fixed focal lenses.  The PL mount is a lens mount that is used mainly on 35 mm and 16 mm film movie cameras. For that reason, PL mount lenses have generally been expensive products, and could scarcely be considered readily available. More recently, however, PL mounts have been adopted in some relatively low-priced digital movie cameras, and a number of PL mount lenses offering solid performance at reasonable cost have also reached the market. All of the lenses used in this report were released as part of this trend...

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Using a Fixed Focal Still Lens #04

For this article, I took a series of portrait-type video shots in a wide variety of situations, using fixed focal still camera lenses from the current lineups of a number of lens manufacturers. During the shooting, I found a number of accessories useful, and I will introduce them at appropriate points in the article.  Assisting me in this video was actress Tomoyo Okada, who helped me to weave a series of images into a storyline. The idea was simple: a day in the life of a woman working undercover as an industrial spy, and the travails she encounters. I adopted this approach as a quick and simple way of framing the various modes of expression of these camera-lens combinations...

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Using Zoom Lenses  #05

Slowly, cinema lenses for the Micro Four Thirds mount are starting to come onto the market. That’s good news, of course, for people who want to put the AG-AF100 series to work in cinema-style video recording, but the fact remains that the selection in zoom lenses is limited in comparison to fixed focal lenses. In this article, I describe a series of tests of the AG-AF100 series with zoom lenses built for a variety of mounts.  We’ll start with some zoom lenses for the PL mount. These lenses are cine-style zoom lenses, so they tend to be large and heavy. When using them with the AG-AF100 series, a lens support is an absolute requirement...

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Using Classic Lenses  #06

The flange backs of rangefinder cameras are shorter than those of SLR cameras, but a flange back of the Micro Four Thirds system is one of the shortest in the world. The AG-AF100 series can be mounted with a rangefinder camera lens.  In this report, I tried out the AG-AF100 series with classic Leica Screw Mount, M42 Mount lenses and others. Carl Zeiss Jena Biotar 75 mm F1.5 (second generation)  The Jena Biotar 75 mm F1.5 is a lens manufactured by Carl Zeiss from 1939 to 1969. There were three generations of these lenses, as two model changes were introduced. For this article, I tried the second-generation model...

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Movie Making Examples  #07

The film Kamihate Shoten

In addition to my work as director, I have a position as an associate professor at Kyoto University of Art and Design. For the past three years, I have been conducting a project in which I produce a movie with my students and show it at a public theater, once a year. As a single course of study at a small university, we don’t have the budget to record on film...

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Short Movie: Pink Spider

Action-film director Yuji Shimomura is renowned for such films as Shinobi and Dororo, and in spring 2011 he released Gantz, a movie starring Kazuya Ninomiya. Recently, Shimomura directed Pink Spider, a short movie for distribution in North America, with the aim of familiarizing North American audiences with Japan’s new style of moviemaking...

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Movie: Lari, Sayang, Lari

In spring 2011, I produced a made-for-TV movie for Astro, a cable-TV network in Malaysia. I used the Panasonic AG-AF100 series for this project (model name in Malaysia is AG-AF102). The title of the movie was Lari, Sayang, Lari...

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