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  • AG-GH4U front
  • AG-GH4U rear
  • AG-GH4U panel
  • AG-GH4U panel

The World's First* Digital Single Lens Mirrorless
Camera with 4K Video Recording Capability
(Professional Interface Unit Model)

Digital Camera/Interface Unit
(Model Including Interface Unit)



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To use the extension function software keys

  • System Application

The world's first* single-lens mirrorless camera with 4K video capability and professional interfaces.

* As of June 2014, according to a Panasonic survey.

Recording 4K videos onto an SD memory card

Recording Video Formats and Recording Times(Examples)
Recording Video Format 32GB SDHC Memory Card 64GB SDXC Memory Card
MP4/MOV C4K (Cinema 4K) 24.00p 100Mbps
MP4/MOV 4K (QFHD) 29.97p 100Mbps
approx. 40 min. approx. 1 hrs. 25 min.
MP4/MOV FHD 59.94p 200Mbps approx. 18 min. approx. 40 min.
MP4/MOV FHD 59.94p 100Mbps approx. 40 min. approx. 1 hrs. 20 min.
MP4/MOV FHD 59.94p 50Mbps approx. 1 hrs. 20 min. approx. 2 hrs. 45 min.
AVCHD Progressive FHD 59.94p 28Mbps approx. 2 hrs. 30 min. approx. 5 hrs.
AVCHD FHD 59.94i 17Mbps approx. 4 hrs. 5 min. approx. 8 hrs. 15 min.

Extracting 4K photos from video

Full-HD video recorded at a high 200 Mbps bit rate

12 stops of Latitude from V-Log L*1

Newly developed DFD AF for high-speed, high-precision focusing

VFR (Variable Frame Rate) of 2 to 96 fps

Expansion interface unit compatible with SDI output and XLR input

Motion picture functions meet full-fledged video production needs

Remote operation from smartphone / wired remote controller


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