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Camera Head for
AG-HMR10 Series (optional)

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Panel and Connectors

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AVCCAM SD Card File Recovery



High-Quality, Multi-Angle Shooting
A 3MOS System with Full-HD Sampling

Camera Head for AG-HMR10 (optional)


Amazing Advanced Functions in this Small Body

Allows Operation from a Distance  Teams with AG-HMR10 Recorder

Highly Detailed Image Capture  A Progressive 3MOS Sensor with Approx. 2.51 Megapixels

HD multi-format recording
* When the system frequency has been changed, turn the unit’s power off and then back on so that the setting takes effect.
*1: In the Native mode, AG-HMR10 Series record only active frames.

Up to 120x Zoom Power  HD Lens Unit

* The image quality decreases as the digital zoom magnification increases.

Take Clear Shots While Walking or Zooming  Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS)

* Hand-shake from strong vibrations may remain. Also, visible differences may be slight under some conditions.

Suppresses Blocked Shadows and Blown Highlights  Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS)

Highly Detailed Image Composition  Advanced Pro-tuning Functions

• Matrix settings
Lets you choose basic color hues that convey the desired overall image mood.

Cine-like Gamma Curves  7-mode Gamma for Richer Gradation

AG-HCK10G Gamma Modes

Quick, Easy Focusing  HD Focus Assist Function

Wide Range of Settings  Slow Shutter and Synchro Scan Functions

Highly Flexible Shooting For Use in a Wide Range of Fields

Recording Unique News Angle

The AG-HCK10G makes it easy to shoot from high angles. And because the AG-HMR10 recorder comes standard with HD-SDI output, you don't need a converter for connecting to an HD digital broadcast recorder, an HD switcher, or a relay transponder.

Recording Plant and Animal Observations

Shooting from Special Angles

The AG-HCK10G lets you shoot from angles that would be difficult with ordinary cameras, such as high places and narrow spaces. Because the recorder and camera are separate, even if some unexpected problem would occur with the camera, the recorded data remains safe.

* Not drip-proof.
* Cannot be used in an enclosed condition.
* Wiring and installation/removal require specialized skills and experience.
To ensure safety, consult your dealer for wiring and installation/removal.
AG-HCK10G #hmr10series

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