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DVCPRO Cassette Tape
Small, Lightweight yet Reliable 6.35-mm Digital Cassette MP Tape for Versatile Applications
The DVCPRO digital cassette tape brings an exceptionally compact size and high reliability to wide range of professional applications like broadcasting or program pdoduction.
This 6.35-mm-wide metal particle digital tape - the world's smallest and lightest - incorporates newly developed high-output metal magnetic particles that have made downsizing possible while delivering superb picture and sound quality. The DVCPRO cassette tape also boasts excellent tape transport stability and outstanding durability. The medium DVCPRO cassette tape offers up to 66 minutes of recording time (with AJ-P66MP), and L-size cassette tape offers up to 126 minutes (with AJ-P126LP) in studio applications*.
Besides, AJ-HP126EXG can offer more than 2 hours of recording time in High Definition. In addition this reliable digital tape offers higher operating efficiency. These features make the new DVCPRO cassette tape ideal for any applications where high reliability and low operating costs are a must.

* in 25M mode.

The Ultracompact Digital Video Cassette for Broadcasting
The ultracompact DVCPRO cassette is just 1/4 the overall size and 1/6 the weight of the standard 1/2-inch cassette tape used in news gathering, yet it offers twice the recording time - 66 minutes. This combination of smaller size and longer recording time means extra flexibility in the field. The DVCPRO general-purpose cassette tape lineup also includes a XL casette tape with 126 minutes of HD recording time for editing use.
In both news gathering and editing, compact dimensions and extended recording time give DVCPRO cassette tapes a big edge in convenience.

MP Tape Technology Achieves Higher Output, Lower Noise
The DVCPRO cassette tape delivers significantly higher output and lower noise than conventional MP tape. The key is a newly developed ultra-fine metal magnetic particle that's less than half the size of previous metal particles but has 70% more energy. With remanent magnetization of 370 mT (3,700 Gauss) and coercivity of 183 kA/m (2,300 Oe), DVCPRO tape achieves output that's 5 dB higher than previous tape. The high-energy particles are mounted in an extremely dense pattern on tape with an ultra-thin 0.2 micron magnetic coating. The result is an exceptionally advanced tape with the low-noise, high-frequency characteristics needed in high-density digital recording.

Smooth Tape Transport, Excellent Durability and Reliability
An ultra-flat base film and advanced calendering techniques give DVCPRO tape an ultra-smooth magnetic layer surface that eliminates spacing loss and micro-dropouts. This results in both low error rates and a higher C/N ratio, even in the high-frequency band. DVCPRO tape also features a new type of binder using a high-polymer that helps protect the magnetic layer and assure excellent durability, even with repeated usage and still playback. This means exceptional reliability in the most demanding environments and after long periods of storage.

Durable Cassette Shell
A tough cassette shell and sealed structure assure durability and prevent entry of dust or other particles into the cassette. The cassette also features a reel-lock mechanism that prevents tape sagging and a slide-type erase-prevention mechanism to protect against mishaps.

High Cost-Performance
High-quality DVCPRO metal tapes are more cost effective. Their smaller size can mean lower costs in other areas, too, thanks to their easy portability in the field and minimal storage requirements after editing. This all adds up to higher performance with lower operating costs.

When recording in the DVCPRO50 format onto a DVCPRO tape, the recording time will be half that indicated on the cassette.
*For AJ-HP126EXG cassette tape, use a VTR supporting DVCPRO HD-LP format.
**For AJ-5P92LP cassette tape, use a VTR supporting DVCPRO (25 Mbps) 184 minutes tapes.

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Tape Specifications
• Figures are typical values based on measurement products.
• The Figures marked * are comparison with the Panasonic reference tape.

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