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Confirmed FTP Server Software

Connection confirmed Access Point (Wireless Router)

Connection confirmed 4G/LTE Modem

Connection confirmed Wireless Module

Qualified environment wireless and wired LAN system

Firmware Update


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Memory Card Camera Recorder


Firmware Download

A High-Quality, Cost-Effective ENG Camera Recorder with
Versatile IT Support Backed by AVC-ULTRA*1Codecs, microP2 Card Slots,
Dual Codec Recording and Network Function

Newly supported features by the firmware update

  • Superb Image Quality "AVC-Intra200" codec
  • Streaming Facilitating Full HD Output during Recording "Full HD Streaming" function
  • Automatic Transfer of Recorded Contents to an FTP Server while Recording "Rec duaring Uploading" function
  • Wireless Control using iPad "P2 ROP App"

Main Features

Standard-Equipped AVC-ULTRA Codec

Standard-Equipped microP2 Card Slots

Network Solutions

Camera Performance, Functions, and Operating Ease

High Sensitivity and Low Noise with the 2/3 type 3MOS Image Sensors

AJ-PX5000 2/3 type, 2.2 megapixel MOS sensor

A Developed LSI for High Image Quality

AJ-PX5000 Camera signal processing LSI

Image-Enhancing Functions and Versatile Image Settings

Advanced Functions for Broadcast Applications

Shooting Assist Functions

Setup Data Files

Optional Color and Black-and-White Viewfinders

Color LCD Monitor

Recording Supported by Versatile Functions and Easy Operation

Recorder Functions and Interfaces

Full Frame Progressive Recording

HD/SD Multi Format/Multi Codec

Metadata Recording

High-Quality 24 Bit 4 Channel Audio Recording

【Note Regarding 24 bit Audio】
Clips recorded using 24 bit audio must be played back with 24 bit compatible P2 equipment or the P2 Viewer Plus. If clips are played back with equipment not compatible with 24 bit audio, the clip number will be indicated in red and the clips will not be played back. For the latest information on 24 bit compatible P2 equipment and P2 Viewer Plus, see "Support & Download"

Four Slots for Simul Rec and Other Recording Tasks

AJ-PX5000 Card slot, LCD monitor and recorder-related function parts

3G SDI Input/Output and HDMI Output


USB 3.0 High-Speed Transfer Interface

Camera Remote System Compatibility

Other Interfaces

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