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VARICAM ROP (VariCam Remote Operation Panel)

VARICAM ROP is a control program that enables the remote control of VariCam series cinema cameras.
It can provide a GUI that is close to the control panel on the camera. It is designed so that users can control the camera without feeling uncomfortable.

To see how to connect it with VariCam, how to operate it and what limitations it has, please refer to the following page.

* Note: For wireless LAN connection with the camera, AJ-WM30 or AJ-WM50 wireless module needs to be purchased separately.

Applicable Models*1 Supported Device*2 Recommended Devices
VariCam Pure
VariCam 35
VariCam LT
VariCam HS
iPad Air 2
iPad mini 4*3
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus

*1 Supported Firmware Version: Requires ver. 7.0 or later for VariCam 35/HS, ver. 6.0 or later for VariCam LT and ver. 7.10 for Varicam PURE

*2 Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.

*3 The previous generations of iPad are less compatible with VARICAM ROP because of the difference in CPU performance; Response to display may be delayed when a certain function, such as the REC button, is used.


  1. HOME Screen Display

    This corresponds to VariCam’s HOME screen. The settings for recording format, etc. can be checked.

  2. Information Display and Setting of the Following Items
    • FPS
    • COLOR
    • EI
    • INFO
    • AUDIO
  3. REC Start/Stop Control

    Using the REC switch on the screen, the recording can be started/stopped.

  4. USER Switch Control

    Using the USER switch on the screen, the function assigned to VariCam’s USER switch can be executed.

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