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Contribution to Olympic and Paralympic Broadcasting

As a Worldwide Official Partner, Panasonic has contributed to Olympic and Paralympic broadcasting for many years through its leading-edge broadcasting technologies and services.
With Tokyo 2020 approaching and the Olympic and Paralympic Games preparing to be held in the home of Panasonic, another step in broadcasting history is taking place as Panasonic aims to combine its technologies to serve as the host station and to contribute to advanced image production by the broadcasting stations of each country.

We started at Barcelona


The Olympic Games Barcelona 1992

D-3 became the official video recording format, achieving the first digital broadcast at the Olympic Games.


The Olympic Games Atlanta 1996

Panasonic became the prime contractor for the host broadcaster for the Olympic Games for the first time and provided full support from design to operations at the International Broadcast Center (IBC).


The Olympic
Winter Games
Nagano 1998

In addition to the Olympic Games D-3 official video recording format, the DVCPRO format was tested for the first time.

System Design & Installation

  • - IBC, Olympic Stadium,
    Gymnastics(’96, 2000)
  • - IBC, Venues(’98)

The Olympic Games Sydney 2000

The DVCPRO 50 format that was tested at the Olympic Winter Games Nagano 1998 became the official video recording format for the first time at the Olympic Games Sydney 2000.


The Olympic
Winter Games
Salt Lake City 2002

Based on the experience it has accumulated over the years, Panasonic delivered broadcasting systems that could be used without any issues in extremely cold environments at the Olympic Games.


The Olympic Games Athens 2004

Equipment such as broadcasting digital cameras and monitors played an important role at the IBC and Olympic Games venues.


The Olympic
Winter Games
Torino 2006

Supplied equipment to the IBC for 6 consecutive Olympic Games since Atlanta 1996.


The Olympic and Paralympic Games Beijing 2008

With a full lineup of HD equipment, Panasonic provided support in making all official recordings in full HD for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games.


The Olympic and Paralympic
Winter Games
Vancouver 2010

Panasonic delivered the P2HD Series news gathering system with solid-state memory to the IBC.


The Olympic and Paralympic Games London 2012

Panasonic's cutting-edge 3D equipment and technology produced the first 3D Olympic Games.
Panasonic delivered full HD video equipment to the IBC and supported the distribution of video content compatible with the full HD standard to the venues of the Paralympic Games as well as all over the world.


The Olympic and Paralympic
Winter Games
Sochi 2014

Panasonic's Full HD video format AVC-Intra 100 helped achieve a digital media Olympic.
Supported the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games through 10,000 surveillance cameras and various broadcasting equipment.


The Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016

As the Official Opening and Closing Ceremony Partner, supported the first Olympic and Paralympic Games in South America.


Olympic and Paralympic
Winter Games
PyeongChang 2018

Panasonic has, since the Olympic Winter Games Calgary 1988, supported the Games over 30 years as a TOP sponsor.
Panasonic supported initiatives for a new viewing style with 360-degree live cameras supplied to the venues of the Paralympic Games.

The History of Panasonic AV Solution for Olympic and Paralympic.