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Service fee system of P2 Cast

  • Basic Plan [100GB] (AJ-CBD001)
  • Additional Volume [10GB] (AJ-CBD002)

P2 Cast Data Traffic and License fee

P2 Cast Data Traffic and License fee


< Included features >

  • P2 Cast Cloud Application function
  • Temporary storage in the P2 Cast Cloud (two weeks for proxy video, two days for Hi-Res video content)
  • User Group data access management (Company administrator can create user account in the company.)

< Not included items >

  • Communication device (4G/LTE dongle, Wi-Fi adapter, mobile router, etc.)
  • Communication cost (4G/LTE etc.)

Definition of P2 Cast Data Traffic

  • Data Traffic Container (Basic Plan x unit#) can be shared in the company
  • No limit for number of camera/user in the company
  • Count of data movement in P2 Cast system (upload/transfer/download/viewing)
  • In case happening Excess Data Traffic from Basic Plan Contract, Additional Volume fee will cover as a single month billing.

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