Live Switchers

Live Production Center

  • AV-HLC100

All-in-one IP live switcher with all the functions needed for live productions

The AV-HLC100 combines a live switcher, remote camera controller and audio mixer in one unit. Live audio production for small live musical performances, lectures and presentations can now be done easily by one operator, instead of the multiple operators that are usually required. It is also compliant with the NDI and NDI I HX standards, enabling connection and control of the remote camera to be performed through the same LAN cable with power provided* for smooth remote shooting. RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) is also supported. Footage can be directly uploaded to various streaming services such as YouTube Live.

  • * A PoE+ hub is required for the power supply.


  • AV-HLC100:Live Streaming Production Center from Panasonic!

  • AV-HLC100 Live Production Center: Initial System Setup & How to Set Video Sources


System Configuration

Block Diagram