PTZ Camera Systems

HD Integrated Camera

  • NDI | HX Built-in / White Model


  • NDI | HX Built-in / Black Model


  • White Model


  • Black Model


High-quality Full-HD

Three Newly Developed 1/2.86-type MOS Sensors for High-level Video Capture and Production

Equipped with three newly developed 1/2.86-type full HD MOS sensors and DSP (Digital Signal Processor), AW-HN130W/K and AW-HE130W/K achieve high sensitivity, a high S/N ratio and high resolution through the use of advanced video processing.

Optical Image Stabilizer and Digital Extender for Capturing Clear Images at Any Distance

Optical Image Stabilization System (OIS)

Automatically minimizes the effect of small vibrations from the surface where the camera is mounted caused ; whether this is caused by the opening and closing of doors, nearby speakers, or other disturbances.

High Performance 20x Zoom Lens/1.4x Digital Extender Zoom

In addition to a sharp, fast F1.6, 20x optical zoom lens, the AW-HN130W/K and AW-HE130W/K are equipped with an innovative 1.4x digital extender that can increase the effective focal length of the lens by 40% while delivering smooth, high resolution video.

* Images are simulated

Advanced Color Adjustment Capabilities for Precision Imaging

Independent Color Correction Function with 12 Color Axes + 3 Skin Tone Axes

In addition to the conventional 12 axes, three additional axes have been added for the skin tone area. This makes it possible to reproduce skin tones with greater precision.

Conventional model

AW-HN130W/K, AW-HE130W/K

* Images are simulated.

Color Temperature Adjustment Mode

In addition to the usual white balance modes, a new vari able Color Temperature-based function has been added. This makes it easier to make the precise camera adjustments required for different lighting conditions.

* Images are simulated.

Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) / Hybrid Digital Noise Reduction (Hybrid DNR)

Black defects, halation and washed-out colors are minimized for video images with a visually broad dynamic range (DRS). In addition, with Hybrid Digital Noise Reduction (Hybrid DNR), two types of noise reduction, 2D and 3D, are used together to enable clear video capture under a wide range of lighting conditions, with minimal after-image blurring or image degradation.

Equipped with Night Mode for Infrared Shooting

The AW-HN130W/K and AW-HE130W/K can deliver high-quality monochrome video in total darkness, when the camera's Night Mode is used in conjunction with an optional IR illuminator.

* Images are simulated.

Freeze During Preset Function

The new Freeze During Preset function may be enabled to freeze the video during preset playback. The immediately preceding still image is output during preset movements so that the swiveling movement is not displayed, making operations possible with one camera.

Supports Multiple Formats for Flexible Output

In addition to typically supported formats, the camera supports output formats required for specialized applications, including 1080/29.97p, 1080/25p, 1080/23.98p. Remote control video capture can now be more easily performed for specialized applications such as teleproduction, and scientific research.

Supported formats

1080/59.94p, 1080/29.97p*1, 1080/23.98p*2*3, 1080/59.94i, 1080/29.97PsF*3, 1080/23.98PsF*3, 1080/50p, 1080/25p*1, 1080/50i, 1080/25PsF*4, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 576/50p (i)*5,480/59.94p (i)*5
  • *1: Native output.
  • *2: OVER 59.94i.
  • *3: Your monitor may recognize the signal as 59.94i.
  • *4: Your monitor may recognize the signal as 50i.
  • *5: A ‘P’ signal is output as HDMI output, an ‘I’ signal is output as SDI and an analog output for output formats of 480/59.94p(i) and 576/50p(i).

Audio Input Function

The AW-HN130W/K and AW-HE130W/K also support audio input, embedding, and encoding. The input from the camera's switchable mic/line input can be combined with the HD-SDI, HDMI, and streaming outputs for mixing, recording or transmission.

Excellent Quietness

Thanks to its fan-less design and advanced pan-tilt mechanism, the AW-HN130W/K and AW-HE130W/K are very quiet and greatly reducing audio noise during video capture.

Flexible IP Control

Full HD Video Output via IP Transmission

In addition to 3G-SDI and HDMI output, production quality full HD video output via IP transmission is supported with the AW-HN130W/K and AW-HE130W/K. The camera delivers up to four channels of IP streaming video (H.264), with a maximum quality level of 1080/60p at 24 Mbps*1. Simultaneous transmission to as many as 14 devices is also supported.*2 Flexible system setup is possible to meet various application needs.

List of Supported Multi-streaming Outputs

SettingsH.264 JPEG
Resolution 1920 x 1080/
1280 x 720
1920 x 1080/
1280 x 720/640 x 360/
320 x 180/160 x 90
1280 x 720/
640 x 360/320 x 180/
160 x 90
1920 x 1080/
1280 x 720/640 x 360/
320 x 180/160 x 90
Frame rate 60 Hz 60 fps 5 fps/15 fps/30 fps 5 fps/15 fps/30 fps 1 fps/2 fps/3 fps/
5 fps/6 fps/10 fps/
15 fps/30 fps
50 Hz 50 fps 5 fps/12.5 fps/25 fps 5 fps/12.5 fps/25 fps 1 fps/2 fps/5 fps/10 fps/
12.5 fps/25 fps
Bit rate Up to 24 Mbps
Voice transmission Yes (AAC48 kHz)
PoE+ Yes
  • *1: 1920 x 1080 60 fps output is 1ch display only. For 2ch or more, display is max. 30 fps. Also, JPEG output is up to 3ch.
  • *2: The number varies depending on distribution settings or network environment. Only one Android™ device can be connected to one camera.

Transmit IP Video without a Separate Encoder Reduces Cost and Simplifies Installation

There is no need for the separate encoder normally required when streaming video and audio via IP. Systems can be built with exceptional cost/performance benefits.

Lecture Capture / Streaming System Example

NDI | HX Compatibility for Excellent Video Streaming Quality

The AW-HN130W/K is NDI | HX built-in model and AW-HE130W/K can be upgraded to NDI | HX with purchasing a license from the NewTek website. Highly efficient NDI | HX compatibility enables excellent broadcast streaming by encoding and transmitting high-quality video in real time. This technology eliminates the need for IP decoders, allowing input to be sent directly to the switcher.

  • * Power over Ethernet Plus, IEEE 802.3at.
  • * Contact your local Panasonic vendor for further information.

Supporting POE+* for Lower Installation Cost

By connecting to network devices that support the IEEE 802.3at POE+ standard, power can be supplied via LAN cable. Since it is not necessary to install a power supply or even a local A.C. outlet, installation costs can be significantly reduced.

  • * Abbreviation of Power over Ethernet Plus.

IP Control with Image Monitoring using PC, Mac and Mobile Terminals

Using an IP browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari, it is possible to set up and control the camera from a remote location, This feature simplifies the management of cameras around a campus, or across a worldwide enterprise network. IP video monitoring and remote camera control can also be performed from mobile terminals such as an iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Camera control screen (Mac)

Live screen

Multi-screen screen

Mobile terminal screen

Flexible IP Control Architecture Simplifies System Design and Operation*1

Up to 100 x AW-HN130W/K and AW-HE130W/K cameras can be controlled via IP from a single AW-RP120G, AW-RP50, or PC. The AW-HN130W/K and AW-HE130W/K can also be simultaneously controlled by up to five AW-RP120G or AW-RP50's via IP. AK-HRP200G can be used for precise color adjustment.

  • *1: Controller upgrade required. For details, please refer to the "service and support".
  • *2: AC adaptor AW-PS551 (sold separately) is required for AW-RP120G.

Various Functions

Exceptional Pan-Tilt Mechanism Performance for Smooth Moves during Video Capture.

Thanks to a highly evolved pan-tilt design, the AW-HE130W/K achieves smoother and more natural movement during on-air shots. The pan-tilt head also has a wide shooting range*, with a pan range of ±175 ° and a tilt range of -30 ° to 210 °. The newly developed pan-tilt drive provides high-speed operation at maximum 60 °/s, excellent response to remote control operation, and highly precise stop control. These features combine to accurately capture fast-action sports scenes or smooth concert footage. The noise level during operation is also very low, at NC35 or less, which is ideal for use in quiet environments.

  • * Depending on the position of the pan and tilt, its own unit may be reflected in the image.

Other Functions

  • Equipped with ND filters (Through, 1/8, 1/64).
  • Equipped with four types of scene files that can be set by the user.
  • Preset memory of up to 100 positions.
  • Functions such as freeze during preset, digital extender zoom, color temperature settings can be assigned to the user buttons on Panasonic controllers.
  • Equipped with RS422 remote terminal; up to five units can be controlled via serial control from a controller.
  • Equipped with RS232C remote terminal (Standard serial communication support).
  • Up to four units can be operated with a wireless remote controller (AW-RM50G sold separately).
  • Easy installation thanks to use of turn-lock mechanism.
  • Color variations (black/white) that can be chosen for different applications or conditions.