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Auto Tracking Software Key


PTZ Camera Systems


Auto Tracking Software Key AW-SF100/SF200

Clear, Sharp Video with Auto Tracking of Presenter

Auto Tracking Software Key



AW-SF202 [2 Additional Licenses]

AW-SF203 [3 Additional Licenses]

To use the Auto Tracking function

Face recognition and human body detection for high precision
and smooth tracking control for natural-looking video

Face recognition and human body detection with deep learning*1 for high-precision auto tracking

Two core technical features for 
high-precision auto tracking

*1: The software may need to be updated before using this product. Restrictions may also occur depending on your server or PC. See "Service and Support"

GUI for intuitive setting

Main View

<Main View>

•Provisions for correction by an operator are required, as the camera may misdetect or fail to detect a subject depending on the conditions in which it is used.
•The screen layout may differ depending on the version you are using.
•The face recognition function uses face recognition software from PUX Corporation.

Using IP-based software to support remote operation

Simple, low-cost installation to easily migrate to the existing system without additional devices

* See the reverse for details on cameras that can be connected.
*2: This refers to the Standalone version. If using the web app, install the Auto Tracking Software in your HTTP server.

AW-SF100 has standalone and Web application versions to choose from;
AW-SF200 operates on a server

Software key usage examples

AW-SF200 system example: Lecture capture of entire school

AW-SF100 system example: Lecture capture of a classroom

Example of System Configuration/Example of System Configuration (WEB Application)

Various applications of Auto Tracking

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