P2 Cast SPEED TO AIR A revolutionary solution to news operations achieved by P2 camera recorders and IoT technology

P2 Cast

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Direct connection between the on-site news acquisition
and the newsroom changes the production workflow.
An IoT solution for news gathering that goes beyond the cloud.

P2 Cast is Panasonic's P2 central management system that brings a revolutionary solution to news gathering and operations. P2 Cast is far more than just a network-based data transfer or file sharing service.
It automates the uploading of live images from camera recorders to the P2 Cast Cloud in real time.
The newsroom editor and other staff members can share the image source on the web by accessing the cloud. What's more, P2 Cast makes it possible to obtain high-res (high-definition image) data using the Highlight Editing function, confirm the camera recorder information including position information, transmit metadata to the camera recorders, and centrally manage the camera recorders by remote setup. All these add up to a workflow revolution and innovation.
P2 Cast offers a complete package of solutions that are required for today's news gathering and production — such as speed, low cost, high quality, management, and more.

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Near live broadcasting

The P2 camera recorders upload proxy (low bitrate) clips to the P2 Cast Cloud automatically and sequentially while shooting and recording. The newsroom editor and other staff members connected to the P2 Cast Cloud can access the clips immediately for near live news reporting. Live feeds are also possible with the P2SS (P2 Streaming Server). Furthermore, the P2 Cast Mobile app available from Panasonic enables the uploading of videos from smartphones. P2 Cast allows flexible news production using a greater range of news footage.

High-quality HD news image sources

Proxy clips have a low bitrate suitable for transmission and previewing. In addition, they offer a high-resolution HD mode so that captured images can be used directly for the delivery of breaking news. Using the Highlight Editing function, newsroom staff can perform cutting and editing work, and also remotely operate the camera recorders to obtain high-res data of only the necessary scenes, thus accelerating the workflow.
This achieves speedy news production using high-quality images.

Automated operation allows the crew to
focus on image acquisition

There is no special operation to be performed by the news gathering crew for using P2 Cast. The camera operator can shoot images in the same way as before because the images are automatically uploaded, and metadata input, camera recorder management and control of cuts can be performed remotely in the newsroom. This allows the camera operator to concentrate on shooting, thus resulting in higher-quality news images. It also improves reliability because there is a backup of image data on the cloud. P2 Cast expands the scope of single-person news gathering to a great extent.

Central management of camera recorders

News gathering camera recorders can be managed centrally via P2 Cast. There is no limit to the number of camera recorders that can be registered. In the newsroom, images captured by multiple camera recorders can be previewed, and clip metadata (program name, reporter name, reporting data/time, reporting site information, etc.) can be transmitted to the individual camera recorders for registration. In addition, the camera recorder locations can be displayed on a map based on GPS information. P2 Cast enables camera recorder setting and firmware updating all at once via the cloud.

Contributes to the reduction of total cost

Since P2 Cast uses an ordinary communication line, it enables live broadcasting and file transfer from a site where an OB van or helicopter cannot be dispatched. This also helps to lower communication expenses. In the newsroom, P2 Cast links to the existing NLE and news systems to eliminate extra processes and expedite program production. Use of the P2 Cast Cloud reduces both equipment and operations and contributes to a reduction of overall cost for the broadcasting operation.