P2 Cast SPEED TO AIR A revolutionary solution to news operations achieved by P2 camera recorders and IoT technology

P2 Cast Fee Structure

To use P2 Cast, there is a monthly license fee (basic plan: data volume of 100 GB/license). If the specified data volume is exceeded, there will be an additional charge for the excess portion of the data volume in units of 10 GB.

P2 Cast Basic Plan

(AJ-CBD001, up to 100 GB)

Additional Fee for
the Excess
Portion of Data Volume

(AJ-CBD002, for each 10 GB of the excess portion)

P2 Cast Data Traffic and License Fee

The following are included in each P2 Cast license

  • Basic functions of the P2 Cast Cloud app (no limit to the number of terminal devices or the number of members)
  • Temporary video data storage area on P2 Cast Cloud (proxy video data stored for a period of two weeks, high-res video data stored for a period of two days)
  • User group access management and content management (User's administrator can register new members and make authority settings.)

The following are not included in the P2 Cast usage fee

  • Communication devices (4G/LTE dongle, Wi-Fi adaptor, mobile router, etc.)
  • Communication cost (4G/LTE and others)

Determination of P2 Cast data volume

  • Data volume is determined based on the amount of data transferred inside the P2 Cast system.
    (upload/transfer/download/playback on cloud)
  • The total data volume (100 GB x number of licenses) can be shared within the user company.
  • There is no limit to the number of connected camera recorders or the number of members.
  • If the specified data volume is exceeded, an additional fee for the excess portion of data volume is charged in the following month.

P2 Cast Mobile option

P2 Cast Mobile (AJ-CBDM10/up to 10 iPhones (Up to 10 AJ-CBDM10/iPhone units))
This software enables the use of iPhones (up to 10 per license) as a camera, and allows near live transfer or video file transfer to P2 Cast; QoS live streaming to a P2SS; and monitoring of the camera status (including GPS) and editing of metadata.