P2 Cast SPEED TO AIR A revolutionary solution to news operations achieved by P2 camera recorders and IoT technology

Users Report

"P2 Cast is a big game changer for us."


The US COX MEDIA GROUP introduced P2 Cast to speed up the news cycle in an industry that is changing at a very fast rate. A total of 30 P2 camera recorders are connected to P2 Cast. The proxy video is instantly uploaded for previewing and the program editing proceeds. It is also fed as is to SNS or news flashes. But they're sending more than just video footage, they're also sending information to the web team about where the camera operator is shooting and what kind of job it is without having to interrupt what's going on in the field. This makes it a very effective management tool.
"The images can be sent to the editing system while they're being shot. These images are available much sooner to both the people in the field and the people in the studio than ever before." said Dave Sirak, Director of News Technology.
"We use P2 Cast everyday, it's a flexible tool. What it really does is it refines the workflow." said Brian Smith, Director of News Technology.
"We don't have to set up a truck, we don't need to set up a bunch of connections. We can just send that video back while I'm still shooting." said Chris Romero, Promotion Manager.
"It used to take us 20 minutes to get a truck set up. Now we can do it in 2 to 3 minutes. The team sits there on a computer and grabs whatever they want whenever they want it, without having to interrupt what's happening in the field. And for the camera operators, P2 Cast is no interference at all. There are no special settings or operations, and the clips are automatically uploaded." said Dave Ater, News Operations Manager.
WFTV has already gained major value from introducing P2 Cast, but we're anticipating that this system will be even more essential as our industry and technology changes in the future.

Images captured on location are viewed at the station.

"This system is overwhelmingly faster for reporting flash news and accidents."

TBS Television, Inc. — P2 Cast and P2SS

As part of the revamping of its news workflow, TBS TV has introduced P2 Cast and a P2 Streaming Server. Images captured by multiple AJ-PX5000G and AJ-PX270 memory card camera recorders are simultaneously sent to the station via an LTE circuit, the images are streamed in real-time.
At the station, thumbnails of up to 20 camera images can be displayed per screen (input from a maximum of 1,000 cameras is possible).
"During a recent typhoon in Japan, our nearest local staff member was able to get to the location quickly. This showed the true strength of P2SS, with its ability to handle live feeds only using a camera with a single modem mounted." said Hajime Ashikari, Manager, News Operation & Engineering.
"The P2 Streaming Server doesn't even require a dedicated device. Control is possible from tablets and notebook computers on each floor of the building, for a more flexible response." said Yoshikazu Katori, Network Operations, Division of TV Technology (at the time of interview) .
"In contrast with other live feed devices, the mounting of a dongle is all that is necessary to connect the device P2SS, so live feeds are possible using the same equipment that you customarily use for ENG. This adds to the P2SS mobility, and makes it even more valuable. "said Yu Matsuno, Camera Operator, News Operation & Engineering.
"When a camera man suddenly needs to go to the shooting site, they normally bring only a camera and shoot. However, they can feed live-streaming without any time losses as they are shooting. When viewed from the viewpoint of the first responders, this is overwhelmingly speedy. When an accident or malfunction occurs within the scope of the news, it can be sent to air as is, and since it was captured by multiple cameras, it can be used as a major weapon," said Yoshihisa Yamamoto, Deputy Director of the Department of News Engineering & Operation.
P2 Cast and P2 Streaming Server are expected to bring major innovations to the field of news production.