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Aiming for Zero Theft World

Panasonic proposes a new approach to the equipment theft issues which has always been a big headache for equipment owners in the industry. Custom Splash Screen is a theft deterrent measure for your VariCam using a digital name tag which customizes your splash screen with owner information. We protect your equipment. We care about your investment.

Tag My VariCam

Digital Name Tag

The camera will have 2 visible and indelible marks of ownership.

  1. 1. Custom Splash Screen
    During startup, the camera displays a custom splash screen. (CSS) You can personalize your flash screen with any logo, text, or graphics you like. (jpeg, png or bmp image) Once it is loaded, the information is password protected.
  2. 2. Owner Information
    You can also input Owner Information including the name, address, and contact information of the equipment’s owner. Like the splash screen, the information cannot be changed except by entering the password.

Custom Splash Screen and Owner Information Setup

Step1Create your Splash Screen & Owner Information with App


CSS and Owner Information can be designed with CSS App.
CSS App is released only for mac.

Step2Load Splash Screen and Owner Information

CSS data loading

CSS and Owner Information can be loaded in camera utilizing firmware upgrade system.

Step3Turn Power On

Custom Splash Screen

Owner Information

CSS and Owner Information can be protected by Password which is set with CSS App.
Once password protected, the firmware upgrade / downgrade requires the input of the password.


Password Protected

  • Customize the display screen during the boot-up process (Splash Screen) as your company logo
  • Register owner information
  • Password setting

You can set a password to prevent rewriting of the above registered contents and to prevent updating / downgrade execution.
Once you have loaded the Custom Slash Screen with the password set on the camera, you will be asked to enter the password to change the splash screen, owner information, or update / downgrade afterwards.

Before you start



Install firmware to the camera.

Firmware of VariCam Pure/35/LT/HS



Install VariCam Custom Splash Screen Application to Mac.

*macOS Sierra, macOS High Sierra


Save the file you set with the VariCam Splash Screen Application to SD card.


Insert SD card to the camera, then load the settings.

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