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This high-resolution, high brightness and high contrast 228.6mm (9 inches) monitor meets the production and broadcasting needs of outdoor use, studio recording, OB van installation and live broadcasting. Plus, it's equipped with a variety of 3D shooting assist functions.*1

228.6 mm (9 inches)
Wide LCD Video Monitor


The 228.6 mm (9 inches) New IPS LCD Panel Produces High-Resolution, High-Quality Images.

WXGA (1280 × 768), the Highest Resolution in the Portable Monitor Class

High Brightness, Superb Contrast, Wide Viewing Angle

LED Backlight

High-performance Image Processing Engine for Superb Moving Image Quality

Gradation and RGB Manual Adjustment

Calibration Function

Outstanding Display Performance, Extensive Recording Assist Functions
and a Wealth of Interfaces for Broadcasting Use.

Cine-gamma and New Black Mode

New Audio Level Meter and Headphone Terminal

WFM (Y/R/G/B) and Vector Scope Display

Focus Assist Functions for HD Shooting

Closed Caption and Time Code Display

Various Markers

A Diversity of Display Functions

Three Function Keys

Versatile Input Terminals, Including 3G-SDI and HDMI

Viewfinder Connector

Designed for Broadcast Field Work

Diverse 3D Camera Assist Functions

System Connection with Camera Recorders

System Connection