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NHK Media Technology (NHK-MT) sent a 3D crew to the devastated areas of Iwate and Miyagi a month after the Great East Japan Earthquake. They also took more 3D footage half a year and a year later. On March 10, a year after the earthquake, they captured in 3D a scene of a large bus being removed from the roof of a community hall in Ogatsu, Miyagi. While it was snowing, Itaru Murayama, the director and the deputy general manager of the Marketing Promotion Department, expressed his belief in the power of 3D and his confidence in creating the category of 3D documentaries.(Reporter: Isamu Yoshii)

Integrated twin-lens 3D camera
The two objects on the right are recorders to capture the left- and right-eye images, while the object on the left is a monitor for checking the 3D effect. It is small enough to fit into a backpack, giving portability.

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