Panasonic Broadcast showed a new compact, half-rack vision mixer with five Y/C and composite video inputs, ideal for field production. The AW-SW350 vision mixer is designed to work with multi-camera systems, such as ENG cameras for news production vans or the company's configurable point-of-view cameras and pan/tilt systems.

The live switcher has a built-in, 10-bit, 5-channel frame synchroniser, which is useful for high-quality switching and eliminates the need to genlock when switching between cameras. It is PAL and NTSC switchable, and can also be switched to a genlock system for high-quality video live switching in video production applications.

Additional key features include: SMPTE /EBU (PAL) colour bars; black/white/six colours of background; three-directional wipes (normal/reverse, normal, reverse); nine wipe patterns; Manual/Auto wipes (hard/soft) or mixes (adjustable wipe or mix transition time); GAIN and CLIP keys; and intercom tally. A USB port is available for mixing/keying video and computer graphics.

Ideal for use in the field, the 12V DC-operated system also is available with an optional AC adaptor.