Panasonic has further expanded its range of HD cameras with the first showing in Europe at IBC of the ultra-compact AK-HC905 point-of-view HD camera featuring new generation 1.0 M-pixel interlace scan IT CCDs. As part of its camera demonstration at IBC, Panasonic will also show the camera with a new high speed pan and tilt head.

A key feature of the camera is Panasonic's highly-advanced CCD technology which features on-chip micro-lenses and an improved CCD structure to achieve the AK-HC905 remarkable sensitivity of more than F10 at 2000 lx, and an image smear of less than -130dB. The camera's 38-bit internal processing dramatically improves dark and highlight image quality and its horizontal single-read CCDs and spatial-offset processing reduces moire and assures outstanding resolution. A 12-vector variable masking circuit allows precise and independent hue and saturation adjustment of individual colours, and a chrominance-retain circuit prevents colour de-saturation in brightly-lit scene areas.

For challenging lighting and scene settings, the high-sensitivity AK-HC905 offers a minimum illumination of 0.03 lx to ensure clear images in low-light environments, and wide gain control settings (0-62dB). The camera offers built-in motor drive optical including comprehensive Neutral Density filters (100%, 25%, 6.3%, 3.2%) and colour temperature filters (3200K, 4300K, 6300K, Cross Diffusion).

The AK-HC905 combines seamlessly with Panasonic's pan/tilt systems for remote and studio applications, and its standard 2/3" bayonet lens mount permits the use of a wide range of HD lenses.

In addition to its light weight, the camera has a power consumption of 20 watts and a signal-to-noise ratio of 54dB. Camera outputs include two HDSDI outputs. Optional accessories include the AK-HRP900 camera controller, AK-HTF900 interface box (for AC power and Ethernet-to-pan/tilt control), and the AW-PS505 AC adaptor.