Equipped with Unique Dual Picture Capabilities

Panasonic announced the immediate availability of the new 42" TH-42PWD6EX, its sixth-generation 42" standard definition plasma display that offers the industry's highest contrast ratio of 4000:1 and exceptional colour reproduction.

The widescreen TH-42PWD6EX features innovative, newly developed picture-enhancing technologies, including a Super Real Gamma System, a Real Black Drive System, a Deep Black Filter, a MACH Enhancer and a Contrast Automatic Tracking System (C.A.T.S.).

Unique to the 16:9 panel is dual picture capability including picture-in-picture and picture-out-picture modes. This capability is enables two different type signal sources to be combined and displayed independently. The displays offer two picture-in-picture modes; one that splits the screen in half and shows different pictures on each half, and the other traditional mode where a small picture is inserted in the image on the entire screen.

The TH-42PWD6EX also offers a 9-point digital zoom that allows a user to enlarge an image two to three times normal size from nine points on the screen, and then to display the zoomed image full screen. The progressive-scan displays are engineered for multi-screen applications with a built-in image enlarge function that simplifies the operation of four (two by two) or nine (three by three) multi-screen displays.

The picture-improving technologies producing the display's astonishing, industry-leading 4,000:1 contrast ratio images include: a Super Real Gamma System to reproduce gradations in steps up to 1,536 shades to deliver greater image depth and provide subtle nuances in dark scenes. The Real Black Drive System reduces pre-charge emission when reproducing the black to deliver deeper, richer blacks. The Deep Black Filter situated in the panel's front protective glass suppresses light transmittance and dramatically reduces the amount of external light reflected, resulting in a 20% improvement in contrast ratio performance. The MACH enhancer, exclusive to Panasonic, contour-emphasis signal processing technology, results in an improvement in an object's contours to best reflect the manner the human eye perceives objects. The unit's C.A.T.S. automatically senses the ambient light conditions and adjusts brightness and gradation, ensuring the best possible image contrast while reducing power consumption and minimising phosphor ageing.

The TH-42PWD6EX has a 852 x 480 pixel resolution and it offers wide computer and video signal compatibility with support for VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA and UXGA resolution computer graphics and DTV/HDTV signals in 1080p 24p/24sf, 1080i 50/60, 720p 50/60, 480p/i and 576p/i. It also offers an expanded range of horizontal and vertical scanning rates (fH: 15.6 -110kHz; fV: 48-120Hz). The display is equipped with newly developed 3:2 pulldown technology that automatically detects a 2:2 film-based source (24p film converted to 50i).