Panasonic has launched a stand-alone gamma correction unit , the AJ-GBX27G, for HD production in the field and in post production. This builds on its expertise in producing the "look and feel" of film with its HD cameras, highlighted by the performance of its Emmy award winning, Varicam HD camera.

The gamma corrector has been introduced by Panasonic to help production personnel maintain the filmic "look and feel" throughout the acquisition, production and mastering process. Traditional monitoring and correction techniques are either not adequate for this process or require expensive changes in post production.

The unit is designed to work in a range of applications and modes. For acquisition, the unit's Field Mode ensures that footage acquired in the field can be scientifically assessed alongside pre-determined gamma characteristics. Currently footage viewed on video monitors can be subject to error due to gamma characteristics of the monitor. The Gamma Corrector provides confirmation of the daily rushes after shooting.

Telecine Mode is for use in post production and includes monitoring prior to transfer of video to the film print master. Video Record Mode and Video Mode enable the production crew to assess the chosen gamma characteristics against normal video gamma. This can be important in mastering such as for adjusting film recording prior to transfer of material to CRT and Laser type recorders. This is also important with Digital Cinema and final preparation of source material prior to shipment.