Swedish Television (SVT) has chosen DVCPRO as its digital acquisition and recording format for its main news operations in Stockholm. SVT has ordered over 74 DVCPRO camcorders and VTRs. These include 30 AJ-SDX900 camcorders with a new generation of 2/3" CCDs and dual DVCPRO25/50Mbps recording capability.

The decision to select DVCPRO was also strongly influenced by the availability in 2004 of Panasonic's recently launched P2 card acquisition system. "SVT is very interested in solid state acquisition based on P2 cards, "said Leif Ahlqvist, Technical Head of News at Swedish Television.
"The ability to take a card from the camera and access material immediately on our Avid NewsCutters without digitising will further enhance our news operations. We will be following P2's introduction next year with great interest."

SVT is replacing its current Betacam SP™ camcorders and VTRs with Panasonic DVCPRO digital acquisition equipment, which has a capability at both 25Mbps and 50Mbps. Although 25Mbps is the station format for news, 50Mbps is SVT's main production format and is also used by SVT's news operations in documentary and sports programming.

An important factor in the decision was the assessment carried out by SVT’s cameramen on a range of camcorders during the summer. Panasonic’s recently introduced AJ-SDX900 was the favoured camcorder. SVT has also ordered 16 DVCPRO50 AJ-SD930B studio VTRs. These can record at 50Mbps and 25Mbps and have a multi-format playback capability including DVCAM™ and DV.
SVT has also ordered 16 DVCPRO AJ-D455 VTRs and 12 desktop AJ-D250 VTRs. Replacement of existing analogue equipment will take place during the autumn, ready for a complete switchover at the end of the year.

Robert Pascher, Marketing Manager, Panasonic Broadcast Europe said, "SVT's major order and commitment to DVCPRO highlights the impact of Panasonic's recent announcement on P2. Customers can see that DVCPRO provides a very clear progression in terms of data rates from standard definition to high definition and in recording media. This enables customers to invest in DVCPRO confident in its long term future and development."