* Wide Acceptance of DVCPRO P2 Systems by City-level Stations in China *
LAS VEGAS, NV (April 18, 2004) – Panasonic announced today that two Chinese broadcasters -- Harbin TV in Northeastern China and Daqing TV Station in Northeastern Hei Longjiang province – have purchased the company’s DVCPRO P2 Series of solid-state memory products.
Panasonic’s DVCPRO P2 makes nonlinear news acquisition, instant access and NLE field editing a reality and allows network and local news operations to exploit the astonishing advances in IT technology, including laptop computers, digital microwave as well as access to wireless and broadband networks. DVCPRO P2 brings critical improvements in durability, speed, stability and accessibility to newsgathering.
The cable channel of Harbin TV, one of the major TV stations in Northeastern China, is the first Chinese broadcaster to embrace DVCPRO P2. Harbin TV Station made the purchasing decision after nearly two years of technical evaluation and review. The channel will utilize DVCPRO P2 for news and other program acquisition. It currently uses Panasonic DVCPRO as its digital production format.
Mr. Wang Mu, Technical Director of Harbin TV, said, “As part of the current integration with IT, DVCPRO P2 is the latest concept and technology solution for broadcasting and television technologies. It’s the perfect outcome of combining IT with broadcast technologies. Semiconductor storage has unmatchable advantage over other storage media in terms of acquisition, material downloading, nonlinear editing, distribution and on-air performances. This is the most important factor that led our decision to purchase P2.”

Daqing TV Station Becomes Second Chinese Broadcaster to Buy DVCPRO P2
Daqing TV Station, located in Northeastern Hei Longjiang province, is the second Chinese broadcaster to purchase DVCPRO P2 systems. The TV station will use DVCPRO P2 to deploy its digital strategy.
As one of the most industrialized cities in China, Daqing is famous for petroleum output and other related industries. Daqing TV is also one of the earliest city-level broadcasters embracing digital migration. Adding DVCPRO P2 to its existing networking production, distribution, and server broadcast systems, Daqing TV is integrating its news acquisition and production closely with IT network technology.