Sogecable, Spain's leading pay television group and a major European media organisation; announced at NAB that it is studying the adoption of P2 technology for a future replacement of its ENG DVCPRO equipment. DVCPRO equipment is widely used across Sogecable media organisations including Canal+,CNN+, and Canal Satélite Digital.

Mr Remacha, Deputy Technical Director for Sogecable said, “"Sogecable considers that, in the process of substitution of the tape as the only recording media for ENG, solid state technology is the right one to use. In this respect, Sogecable understands that Panasonic's P2 technology, based on the use of SD memory cards, means an extraordinary step ahead in optimising the news acquisition workflow. At present, Sogecable is studying the adoption of this technology for a future renovation of its ENG DVCPRO equipment.”

Welcoming Sogecable’s support for solid state technology, Robert Pascher, Panasonic Broadcast Europe said, “P2 is a fundamental technology shift that is going to deliver significant savings to major broadcasters and news organisations, such as Sogecable in terms of operational efficiency, reduction in consumable media and overall total cost of ownership.”

Sogecable has extensive media interests right along the supply chain: premium and theme TV channel production, channel distribution and marketing through terrestrial, digital and cable networks, production, distribution and screening of audiovisual products for television, cinema and video broadcasting, acquisition and marketing of sports rights, and development of technologies related to interactivity and pay TV (access control, set-top boxes, etc.). In September 2000, Sogecable created