* Manhattan Rental Company to Offer Solid-State Solution to Production Clients *
LAS VEGAS, NV (April 18, 2004) – Panasonic announced today that Tamberelli Digital (New York, NY), a premiere source of high-end video equipment and production services, has made an initial investment in DVCPRO P2 solid-state memory products for its diverse clientele.

Tamberelli Digital has purchased a range of DVCPRO P2 product, including four AJ-SPX800 2/3" cameras, an AJ-SPD850 studio recorder equipped with optional AJ-DVD850 DVD-R/DVD-RAM drive, and an AJ-PCD10 card drive plus accessories. For more than 25 years, the facility has served the comprehensive requirements of clients ranging from independent filmmakers to corporate videographers to feature film producers.

President Anthony Tamberelli, Sr., said, "Our experience with Panasonic’s entire line of 24p camera offerings—the VariCam® HD Cinema™ camera, the AJ-SDX900 DVCPRO 50 camcorder and AG-DVX100A Mini-DV camcorder—has convinced us that Panasonic understands the production business, listens to customers, and that everything they’re making is smart. In short, our track record with the current 24p cameras convinced us that Panasonic will have a similar success with P2."

He continued, "Anyone who’s currently shooting 24p, 30p or 60i should take a look at the P2 camcorder. The image quality is comparable to Digital Betacam—and there are no moving parts! Moreover, we’re talking about a complete system, not just acquisition. The post-production model has tremendous appeal—edit on location, Wi-Fi to a laptop, or plug the card drive into a computer. Young filmmakers, those who have grown up editing on computers, are going to love the ‘camputer’ aspect of P2."

"Beyond the independent filmmakers, P2 makes a lot of sense for corporate video and low-budget commercial production, environments where you’ll save time and money while preserving high-quality. And the use of P2 at a DVCPRO50 production level will only accelerate as the size of the memory cards increases."

Panasonic’s DVCPRO P2 series products are fully compatible with DVCPRO, the industry’s standard for digital newsgathering, and provide a seamless migration path to DVCPRO HD. DVCPRO P2 offers nonlinear acquisition and instant access to material, high-speed file transfer, laptop field editing without requirement for proxy videos, and compatibility with off-the-shelf data storage drives for low-cost archiving, while eliminating traditional digitizing and ingesting operations. The DVCPRO P2 system eliminates transports and mechanisms, resulting in a significant maintenance cost-savings because of the absence of any moving parts that can break down or wear out from repetitive use. Moreover, DVCPRO P2 products are resistant to environmental extremes including shock, vibration, cold, dust, moisture and humidity.

Tamberelli Digital, a comprehensive source for video, audio and lighting equipment, is located at 540 W. 36th St., 7th floor, New York, NY 10018; call (877) 608-4336, or visit the company’s web site at www.tamberelli.com