AdnKronos, one of the most important press agencies in Italy, has chosen Panasonic’s new P2 tapeless acquisition system for a new TV service it is starting in September.
Digital AdnKronos (DAK) will offer services to national and international broadcasters and new media outlets supplying daily news clips, produced in its news centres in Milan, Rome and from Milan’s Malpensa Airport.

Emilio Carabelli, Technical Director of Digital Adnkronos said, “P2 is an exciting and innovative format and exactly what we were looking for. As a new operation we did not want to install old technology. For DAK, the real strength of P2 is the ability to operate from acquisition to transmission without needing to digitise material, so reducing production time by about 40% with important cost savings”.

Digital Adnkronos is buying the following equipment.
P2 cams (AJ-SPX800)
P2 drives (AJ-PCD10)
4 Gbyte P2 cards (AJ-P2C004HG)
14” LCD Monitors (BT-LS1400E)
MiniDV camcorder (AG-DVX100AE)

“The order from Digital AdnKronos is extremely important in highlighting the appeal of P2 with new production workflows and greater productivity.” said Salvatore Palillo, General Manager of Broadcast and PRO AV, Panasonic Italia. “AdnKronos is an important new customer, with an exciting new digital news operation, which will help us develop the market for P2 products.”

AdnKronos is one of the first broadcasters in Europe to start using DVCPRO P2, along with RFO in France and TVG in Spain.