September 2004- ADRENT, founded in Bologna in 2002 to rent services and professional equipment for big events has just bought the new Panasonic Variable Frame Rate AJ-HDC27FE after receiving lots of requests to rent high definition camcorders.
High professionalism and flexibility are the key characteristics of ADRENT. Professionalism is not only because ADRENT can offer a wide range of products, but especially because of its quality services. A technical group is always testing each product before any purchasing.
“Considering our close relationship with Panasonic distributor ADCOM, we already new the performances of the new Panasonic Variable Frame Rate camcorder” – says Mr. Stefano Mariani, President of ADRENT- “and we have noticed that rental market is now very interested to HD shooting, therefore is was necessary for us to buy one AJ-HDC27FE and the HD VTR AJ-HD150 for the editing”.
Thanks to the possibility of capturing film-style 24-frame high-definition progressive scanned images, the AJ-HDC27FE is suitable in different areas such as advertising, DVD, web and video music, documentary, TV programmes and theatrical shooting.
The purchase, done through the Panasonic dealer in Bologna, ADCOM SRL, includes one Panasonic camcorder AJ-HDC27FE and one VTR DVCPRO HD AJ-HD150FE.
ADRENT works with Italian and foreign customers, offering a huge range of products and services from communication to video shooting and transmission of big events.
“Thanks to the professionalism of the company ADRENT” –comments Mr. Salvatore Palillo, General Manager of Panasonic Italy - Broadcast and Pro-AV business unit – “we are sure that also the market of Bologna area will realize the major potential of high definition.”