New XL Cassette Extends 50Mbps Record Time to 2 Hours

The AJ-SD965 utilises the newly-developed DVCPRO XL cassette, which allows two hours of recording in 4:2:2, 50Mbps DVCPRO50 with four-channel digital audio, and four hours in 4:1:1, 25Mbps DVCPRO with two-channel digital audio.
With the option to select between 625/525 operation, the AJ-SD965 addresses a broad range of applications in television and video production. When teamed with Panasonic’s AJ-SDX900 dual-mode DVCPRO Cinema™ 24p/30p/60i camcorder, this combination provides a high-quality yet affordable production system spanning all market segments.

The compact 4RU-size VTR features seamless playback of DVCPRO50, DVCPRO, DVCAM and DV format recordings (cassette adapter required for mini-DV format cassette playback). For easy integration of 50Mbps digital component video into nonlinear editing systems, an optional IEEE 1394 digital interface board, the AJ-YAD955G, is offered.

The AJ-SD965 offers an extremely fast and gentle tape handling mechanism, with tape cassette load-in time of three seconds and servo lock time of less than 1/4 second. Audio functionality includes independent four-channel audio control, audio volume control, digital audio monitoring during jog, audio jog for DV and DVCAM tapes, and audio cue from DVCPRO/DVCPRO50 tapes. The unit offers variable slow motion playback of clean, noiseless images at -0.43X to +0.43X, +0.5X, and +0.75X in both DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO.

With illuminated jog/shuttle search dial, the AJ-SD965 performs frame-accurate, tape-to-tape editing with extensive capabilities including auto, assemble, insert and manual editing, as well as preview, review and trim capabilities. The VTR also offers UMID data recording/playback, which allows ancillary data to be integrated into the serial digital data stream.

Its new built-in 3.5" monitor and tiltable front control panel add convenience in recording and for on-air broadcasting. The tiltable design makes the control panel much easier to view and use, and the high-resolution LCD screen allows the user to monitor images and facilitates setting functions while viewing on-screen menus.

The AJ-SD965 is equipped with standard SDI and AES/EBU inputs/outputs, as well as standard analogue video outputs, analogue audio inputs/outputs, and RS-422A and RS-232C remote terminals. Analogue video input is available with the optional AJ-YA931G (525) or AJ-YA932G (625) boards. The VTR fits standard racks for easy installation in studios, news vans and mobile production vehicles.