FIRST COURSES BOOKED AT FAM Varicam seminars for video and film camera operators
September 2004 – In cooperation with Panasonic Broadcast Europe, the Fernseh Akademie Mitteldeutschland e.V. (FAM) is offering training programmes for users of DVCPROHD Varicam Camcorders (AJ-HDC27FE). The seminars are designed for op-erators of both video cameras and classical film cameras. The two-day courses will provide thorough instruction and practice in using the Varicam, and demonstrate its suitability as a substitute format for conventional 16 mm film.
The seminars will highlight various production technologies, investigate the differences be-tween film and digital production, and include both theory and practice with the Varicam. One of the seminars’ key aims is to demonstrate the technical features that enable the AJ-HDC27FE to achieve its so-called filmlook.

The post production techniques made possible by this new acquisition format will also be covered by the seminars. The Varicam’s transfer of HD material to non-linear editing systems at a data rate of 100 Mbps via IEEE1394 interfaces greatly reduces the amount of time and expense normally required for digital film production.

Many camera operators have already registered for the first seminars this autumn. For more information about the seminars, please go to:

The Fernseh Akademie Mitteldeutschland e.V. (FAM) was founded in 1993 in Dresden. It is a joint initiative between private television companies, representatives of publicly owned radio and television corporations and journalism colleges, senior politicians in central Germany, and leading experts in journalism and the media business.

The central aim of the FAM is to support and carry out training and further education of highly qualified professionals in the audiovisual media branch.