Panasonic has formed a Europe-wide partnership to educate and promote the use of progressive production both in HD and SD. Known as Progressive Center, the partnership brings together production personnel, specialist camera rental companies and Panasonic companies.
The Center has widespread support already across Europe including:
  • AV Professional GmbH in Austria.
  • TSF in France
  • MBF Filmtechnik, Volker Rodde Film- und VideoTechnik, in Germany
  • Cinerent in Italy
  • Woldcam in Norway
  • Ovide in Spain

“With cameras like Varicam, AG-DVX100A and AJ-SDX900, Panasonic has created powerful tools for progressive production," said Michael Erkelenz, Product Manager at Panasonic Marketing Europe. “There is a growing groundswell in the production community for progressive acquisition and production,” he added. “European broadcasters are also favouring progressive scan for its future HD standard. We want to help this process with specialist seminars, networking opportunities and ensuring ‘best practice’ from acquisition through post production.”

At the IBC D-Cinema on Saturday 11th of September 2004, Panasonic will show outstanding High Definition contents shot by Varicam from all over Europe.