Shift will come soon...
“Shift”-new action movie ongoing production just changed past location in Moscow & moving to Crimea (Ukraine) to shoot new scenes. This full-length movie is a first big project will be shot on Varicam in Russia by GK Films. GK Films is known as production center for several successful movies of modern cinematography history of Russia, for example two (Antikiller & Antikiller 2) of those been headliners of box office in Y2003 & Y2004, what remarkably affected to other producers & gave them impulses to start produce new national movies.

Synopsis: a young scientist – seismologist, who lives in Amsterdam, along with a popular journalist, accidentally become the participants of a deadly game, lead by an international syndicate that plans to take over the power (with the help of a seismological weapon) in the republics of the former Soviet Union. Russian Secret Services, that provide security for the heads of the summit of the region of the Kaspiiskoe Sea, intervene in this case…
Producer: Vladimir KILBURG
Screenplay: Alexander VELEDINSKY, Igor PORUBLEV
Director of Photography: Evgeniy KORZHENKOV
Production Designer: Olga ONOPRIENKO
Starring: Dmitry ULIANOV, Sergey SHAKUROV, Ivan BORTNIK, Anna CHURINA, Michael EFREMOV, Gosha (Yuri) KUTSENKO, Vladimir SIMONOV, Michael GOREVOY, Egor BARINOV, Peter ZAICHENKO, Alexey KRAVCHENKO, Oleg TAKTAROV, Igor ZHIZHIKIN, Elena ISAEVA, Pavel TRUBINER and Alexey A. PETRUKHIN as Petrakovsky
Soundtrack: “Umaturman”, “Billys Band”, “Mapa”, “5Nizza” and others
Premiere: November 24, 2005
Film distributor: Gemini Film (