720/50p DVCPRO HD and HDD5.
Panasonic are proud to announce they will be launching support for 720/50p for all levels of production. With a vast amount of equipment used every day in production centres all over Europe this is seen as a substantial step forward in production methods.

The progressive scan has been championed by Panasonic throughout the whole product range from tape to tapeless, DV to DVCPROHD with the pinnacle being Varicam.

Now with the announcement of 720/50p Panasonic sees the uptake of progressive shooting moving into News, Sport, Documentary and Studio based programming. Not only this but all their equipment will be supporting 720 and 1080 now and in the future giving programme makers’ flexibility and choices not dictated by limitations of equipment usability.

One of the major commitments is a 720/50p DVCPRO HD Camcorder and VTR with high performance and ease of usability, aimed at the growing number of productions looking to future proof their output as we draw ever closer to a complete European take up of High Definition.

These products will be launched in the Summer of 2006 at a time when it is expected decisions about format implementation will be more clear.

The existing HDD5 machines AJ-HD3700BE will have a software upgrade for 720/50p available in the 1st quarter of 2006
Panasonic will be launching these products in view of the EBU’s proposed progression toward progressive High Definition. In our opinion there are two ways to migrate to this standard from the current standard of 576 interlaced.

One is to make use of the 1080 interlaced technology currently in use throughout the world. This is accepted by all manufactures as one alternative.
The other is the progressive route. Seen as an adaptable and rich format and something the industry recognises Panasonic as achieving very well. Programme makers have enjoyed shooting progressive throughout the whole range of Panasonic formats from the DVX100 in mini DV, through DVCPRO and DVCPRO 50 right up to DVCPRO HD.

Panasonic will always manufacture high quality equipment at levels to suit all production genres. Taped & Tapeless, interlaced & progressive and 720 & 1080. The key for us is choice at a cost that will support programme making and this is what we are striving to offer programme makers all over Europe.