AG-DVX100B Professional Mini DV Camcorder
Following the success of the AG-DVX100A, Panasonic is pleased to announce the arrival of the ‘AG-DVX100B’ which it sees as an important and progressive step in supporting cost effective Standard Definition production.

With a great deal of Standard Definition production still being made all over the world, Panasonic felt it was as important to maintain development of this format as well as looking to the future with the advancement of HD and Tapeless technology. The AG-DVX100B is evidence of Panasonics commitment to recognised standard formats keeping pace with new products like P2.

The AG-DVX100A had become the one tool most aspiring filmmakers choose to shoot low budget features and shorts on worldwide. For television productions around the world it has become a very highly specified second unit camera and in a lot of cases the only camcorder used. Editors have likened well shot programming on the DVX as very close to the highest digital formats. With the DVX100B all the original features remain and the Camera is updated with new features that will increase it’s usability in any production medium.

The AG-DVX100B addresses some of the modifications program makers have been asking for with improvements throughout the unit.

Where cost effective system set ups have previously been out of reach of restricted budgets an important enhancement is a TC Synchronization setting that assists in multi camera shooting. Connecting two or more AG-DVX100B units together with a DV Cable (IEEE1394) allows synchronous time code settings. This is the first Camcorder in this class with this ability which was previously only available on much bulkier and more costly cameras.

For situations where remote controls are necessary, iris and focus control are added making the Camcorder even more versatile. Now using any of the currently available aftermarket products, all the Cameras key functions are available by remote making it more usable in rigs, on cranes or in any situations where the user can’t be close to the unit.

The LCD screen will now show letterbox for 16:9 shooting. The space above and below will show relevant shooting data and the screen is now better protected against drops.

The basic design is unchanged; however there are some small changes in the overall package creating a more sophisticated look. The screw for tripods is now changeable, the internal mic has been enhanced and the speaker has been moved nearer to the LCD screen to make the audio easier to hear during playback.

Improved colour reproduction with advanced image adjustments have enhanced this already high quality unit allowing productions to cut material shot on this Camcorder into other formats with even more ease.

With the release of the P2miniCam, prices for all Panasonics SD mini DVs has been brought down making production on these high quality units much more cost effective. However the attention to requirements of the production industry and the proliferation of the format means Panasonic will be supporting this valuable production tool well into the future.

Over the past few years the DVX100 has won friends and awards from every genre of production. This is set to continue as long as organisations such as ‘The New York Film Academy’ and ‘Raindance’ as well as Media Courses all over Europe and key figures in Mini DV Production such as Mike Figgis and Wim Wenders insisting on shooting their projects on an AG-DVX100.

Price 3990 Euros and available autumn.