From Tape to IT and SD to HD. TV by IT. Panasonic special publications.
Over the coming years, the broadcast and TV production industry in Europe faces a major challenge with the move to IT and HD. Panasonic is acutely aware of all the challenges facing producers in this world where technological advances are happening at a quickening pace.

Panasonic is leading these advances with IT and HD technologies. With these constant advances Panasonic feel it is of vital importance to keep the industry and its users informed and educated in the principals of the future.

To this end Panasonic have published two new special publications.

TV by IT. This will be available on the internet as a free download.

Following on from the well read 'Video Compression Book' and 'The Video
Connection Book', this new booklet 'The Video By IT Book' was written for editors, directors and broadcast managers and all users, who work in the television industry. Our aims are to provide basic information about the use of IT for TV program production to empower the reader to distinguish myths and hype from facts.

From HD to SD and from Tape to IT. This will be available as a published booklet as well as a download from Panasonic’s website.

This briefing explores the technical, network and financial issues related to the migration from SD to HD and from tape to P2. It looks at the range of options available for broadcasters and production companies.

It examines the workflow benefits which come from P2's IT compatibility and the migration to HD depending on the post production infrastructure in place.
It highlights the work of Panasonic's P2 Partners and their development which are further extending the power and flexibility of P2 in the SD and HD production domains.