AJ-HDC27HE The updated Varicam.
Following on from the huge success in productions throughout Europe, Panasonic is proud to announce the unique AJ-HDC27 Varicam is being re-launched at this years IBC with some significant improvements. The AJ-HDC27HE inherits the basic design and features of its predecessors while adding enhancements geared to today’s latest production needs.

Improvements include:
  • A newly developed 3CCD system enhancing features all the way through the Camcorder.
  • The Camera Signal Processing is improved with sampling increased from 10 to 12 bit which equates to better signal noise and a greater dynamic range when using the HDSDI output. Even when recording in-camera the pictures will be significantly improved.
  • New High-resolution emulation mode. This is adjustable in camera and gives greater control of the overall sharpness of the images.
  • The Lens mount has been strengthened.
  • Lens files can be written to an SD Memory Card. Extremely useful for productions where multiple Prime lenses would be used.
  • Two individual HD-SDI outputs.
  • Frame rate switching can now be assigned to a user button for easier access while shooting. This makes ramping speed during an actual shot simplicity itself.

Directors and Producers alike have found the Varicam a reliable, creative, flexible, robust unit that performs remarkably in any given situation from the pressure of a commercial studio to the inhospitable wastes of the desert. Feature, Commercial, TV Drama and Promo Productions have all benefited from the amazing images this truly versatile HD camera produces. More and more content is being produced in HD to assist in program sales in countries who have adopted HD and future proof programs for the global move toward HD. Panasonic’s Varicam has been at the forefront of this movement constantly challenging Directors to push the medium further.

Being the only truly variable frame rate HD Camcorder, Varicam has opened many Film DOPs eyes to adopting digital production where they can create incredible off speed images in-camera rather than relying to attention in post.
Not only that but shooting in true progressive mode with Cine Gamma curve has allowed them to produce images so close to film that combined with the low cost of digital production the Producer can ask new questions of the DOP and rely on them capturing smooth, beautiful images with sufficient latitude to take full advantage of the full dynamic range of theatre projection.

With the transition from SD to HD production in full swing all over the world, Varicam is set in place as the most versatile camcorder available. With these modifications it is ready to take HD production into the future with a reputation for stunning programming behind it.

Price will be 69990 and available now.