9-Series Models Feature Improved Brightness, Contrast and a New Compact Design
LAS VEGAS, NV (April 23, 2006) – Panasonic, America’s best-selling professional plasma brand, debuts a new series of displays created expressly for the hospitality market. The new models include two advanced high definition panels -- 42” TH-42PR9U and 37” TH-37PR9U – and two lower-cost standard definition panels -- 42” TH-42PG9U and 37” TH-37PG9U. The ultimate in-room amenity, these high brightness, high-contrast plasma displays are also highly beneficial for lobbies, ballrooms, entrance and hallways, fitness centers, restaurants, retail shops and more.

“Panasonic is the worldwide leader in plasma TV and this is the result of unmatched image quality, simplified operation and low-maintenance design. As the industry leader, we can offer excellent price points and value to our customers,” said Robert Harris, Vice President, Marketing, Panasonic Broadcast. “The new 9-series hospitality models and the Panasonic brand name are a perfect fit for premium hotels, resorts, and condominiums.”

Key benefits of the 9-series hospitality models include: exceptional brightness even in bright rooms; an ultra-compact design with the speakers positioned under the screen, facilitating the use of a larger display in a smaller space (a 42” 9-series model is only as wide as a 32” LCD TV with speakers on each side); an ultra-wide viewing angle, ensuring that images look the same from anywhere in the room; a durable, “child-friendly” scratch-resistant glass surface unlike standard LCD; and the ultra flexibility of a multi-function slot architecture for adding connectivity options and features, including a Tuner Board compatible with the major hospitality Pay Per View systems.

The 9-series hospitality models boast Panasonic’s phenomenal image quality, including a stunning contrast ratio of 10,000:1 for supreme depth perception. The widescreen 16:9 aspect displays can display amazing detail; rich, vibrant colors including the deepest, blackest blacks; and super-clear images (even in scenes with substantial motion) because they’re equipped with a host of picture-enhancing technologies including a Real Black Drive System, a Deep Black Filter, an Advanced Real Gamma System, a Contrast Management System, a 3D Color Management System, a Sub-Pixel Controller and a high-precision Motion Pattern Disturbance (MPD) Noise Reduction;

The displays feature 16-bit processing to reproduce gradations in steps equivalent to 3,072 shades to accurately display the finest textures and subtlest expressions. The panel’s new bounded cell structure improves light efficiency by a maximum of 20%. And a new, proprietary phosphor virtually eliminates static-image burn-in for in-room applications, and overall panel improvements give these plasmas an outstanding service life of 60,000 hours.

Hospitality Panels Offer Unmatched Expandability

Panasonic commercial plasmas can be configured to meet any room design requirement with optional plug-in boards including tuners and A/V system connections. In addition to the optional TY-42M6MA tuner board, Panasonic offers an array of additional boards that can be installed in the three open slots, gracefully concealed in the back of the display and requiring no additional installation space. Each display comes standard with audio input, PC input, and RS232 control. Future technical innovations and revenue opportunities can be addressed thanks to this card slot architecture.

The TH-42PR9U and TH-37PR9U HD panels have a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels, and the TH-42PG9U and TH-37PG9U SD panels deliver 852 x 480 pixels. The models can be positioned vertically to display portrait images, allowing them to serve as highly-effective signage. The plasmas offer a viewing angle of more than 160 degrees, and are equipped with a host of energy-saving functions. Mounting options include pedestal, wall-hanging brackets and angled wall-hanging brackets.

The TH-42PG9U and TH-37PG9U SD models will be available in May at suggested list prices of $2,395 and $2,195, respectively. The TH-42PR9U and TH-37PR9U HD models will be available in August.
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