DVCPRO HD EX new product
Panasonic's new DVCPRO HD camera-recorder chosen by NHK

Approx. 200 units of camera-recorders and VTRs will be delivered this August
Pansonic’s DVCPRO HD new product, broadcasting HD digital equipment, is officially adopted by Japan Broadcasting Corporation (Japan's sole public broadcaster, hereinafter called NHK), and approx. 200 units of camera-recorders and VTRs will be delivered this August.
The delivery is composed of 124 sets of AJ-HDX900 camera-recorders and 77 units of AJ-HD1400 compact recorders. These two DVCPRO HD EX series new products will be used for high definition production of NHK local stations.
Commercial TV Broadcast stations and other broadcasters are replacing SD broadcasting equipment to realize HD production because Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting will start in every prefecture by December 2006 in Japan. All programs of news or entertainment will be completely shifted to digital high definition broadcast with high quality video and audio before discontinuance of analog broadcasting in 2011 in Japan.

There was a competitive procurement in selecting HD equipment for NHK local stations, and we, Panasonic, assume that the products are chosen for the following features are highly appreciated.
1) Camera-recorder: recording in all kinds of global HD signals including 59.94i, 50i, 25p, and 23.98P, higher performance and operability of 2/3-inch CCD and broader dynamic range of more than 600 % than other manufacturer’s camera-recorders, DVCPRO HD practical accomplishment and support system, etc.
2) VTR: superior function, performance and stability, various kinds of interface like HD-SDI and IEEE1394, connecting with existing equipment and setting up of non-linear editing environment at low cost.

We will seek continuity in DVCPRO HD and semi-conductor memory system P2 products, offering in prospect of tapeless environment in the future.

●Major introduced equipment

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P2 series
P2 products which use P2 card, the recording media with large-capacity and high data transfer speed based on our technology developed in SD memory card, are professional broadcasting equipment/system using semiconductor memory for next-generation Information technology News Gathering(ING) system.
The series have features of compatibility with recording data of existing digital broadcasting VTR DVCPRO series, high data transfer speed based on semiconductor memory, affinity with IT and anti-vibration/anti-shock performance because physical structure is not needed to operate unlike existing VTR or disc recording.
The equipments have been in market since 2004 and more P2 HD products for HD recording are planned to be released during 2006 starting by the compact handheld AG-HVX200 released at the end of 2005.
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DVCPRO HD adoption performance
In Japan, commercial TV stations are replacing SD broadcasting equipment with DVCPRO HD products for discontinuance of analog broadcasting in 2011 and full transition to Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting since TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.) and NTV (Nippon Television) had adopted them in 2003*1.
The products are enjoying a high reputation for its functions and performance of compact design, mobility, 4:2:2 sampling high definition picture, linear PCM up to 8 channels and closed caption function which are suitable for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting. Their low cost HD editing system via IEEE1394 is also highly evaluated.
*1: based on Press Release (In Japanese) "High vision digital VTR equipments delivered to TBS and NTV Operation of 1/4 inch width digital DVCPRO HD EX begins" announced on 29th Oct. 2003.

Stations which recently adopted DVCPRO HD products in Japan:
ABN (Nagano Asahi Broadcast), FBS (Fukuoka Broadcast), MRT (Miyazaki Broadcast), NBC (Nagasaki Broadcast), RKB (Mainichi Broadcast), RKK (Kumamoto Broadcast), TNC (West Japan TV) (alphabetical order by abbreviated name)

DVCPROHD series was first released in 2000 and its cumulative shipment worldwide has reached over 10,000. * Our research as of the end of April, 2006
In a global mood for HD recording, there is a growing adoption of the series by world major broadcasting stations and production/rental companies.
BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) has used the DVCPRO HD camera-recorder Varicam to produce “PLANET EARTH”, and Euro 1080, the largest HD broadcaster in Europe based in Belgium, also has adopted DVCPRO HD EX series.
DVCPRO HD products were selected as an official format for Torino Winter Olympics in 2006 and are already decided to be adopted officially for the 2008 Olympic Summer Games with HD broadcasting equipment P2 HD using semiconductor memory.