**Delivers Industry-Leading Focus Assists for HD Monitoring**
SECAUCUS, NJ (February 13, 2007) - Panasonic has announced the BT-LH80W production-quality high-definition/standard-definition LCD monitor for studio and field applications. Bringing exceptional price/performance functionality to this size class of LCD monitoring, the 7.9" low-power, lightweight monitor produces exceptional color reproduction and gradation and is designed to work in environments ranging from the edit room to the production truck, from newsgathering to field production.

Incorporating superb performance features introduced in Panasonic's widely-adopted 26" and 17" LCD monitors, the BT-LH80W features the industry's lowest delay realized by an image processing circuit that converts interlaced into progressive signals with delay within one field; a built-in Waveform Monitor that graphically displays luminance levels from -5 to 108 IRE; and a Diagonal Line compensation that reduces the occurrence of jagged noise in the diagonal direction for improved response.

Two new focus assist functions -- Focus-in-Red and Pixel-to-Pixel Matching -- address the growing need for critical camera focusing in HD acquisition. Focus in Red displays the edges of the focused area in red when sharp focus is achieved. Pixel-to-Pixel allows the user to see an input signal pixel by pixel without any resizing, effectively confirming an image in a size equivalent to a 19" widescreen display (with a 1080/60i input signal).

The monitor is outfitted with an 800 x 450 pixel wide panel, and is compatible with multiple HD/SD formats including 1080/24PsF, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. Closely matching the chromaticity of CRT monitors, the BT-LH80W faithfully reproduces up to 16.7 million colors. With selectable color temperature and blue-only, the monitor makes it easy to match the user's standard. The BT-LH80W is also designed to work as an electronic viewfinder for Panasonic's full range of HD cameras, including the shoulder mount AJ-HDC27H VariCam, AJ-HDX900, AJ-HDX400, AJ-HPX2000 and AG-HPX500. The BT-LH80W will also support a full range of HD and SD production equipment.

The 12V DC-powered monitor provides a component (HD/SD) input, a composite (SD) input for easy field monitoring and a D-sub 15-pin viewfinder terminal. An HD-SDI input module will be available as an option. In high-definition mode, the unit displays 16:9 widescreen images on its native 15:9 panel. It has a wide vertical and horizontal viewing angle of 110 and 120 degrees, respectively. Its thin (2.6" deep), lightweight (less than 3.3 pounds), all-in-one design facilitates on-camera mounting, and RS-232C and GPI terminals allow for remote control.

The BT-LH80W has very low power consumption (1.5 Amps) and is equipped with both 4-pin XLR DC input and an Anton Bauer battery gold mount. Two BT-LH80Ws can be mounted side-by-side using an optional rack mount.

Other standard professional features include Blue-only and Frame markers; independent, front-panel controls for brightness, contrast, chroma and phase; a Cross Hatch overlay display to check camera tilt; and tally lamps (red/green front, red rear).

Available options for the BT-LH80W include the HD-SDI input module, a dual rack mount kit, a custom hood for outdoor work and an adjustable mounting arm for on-camera use. A 15- to 20-pin interconnect cable and a DC cable will be available as options to facilitate the use of the monitor as an electronic viewfinder.*
The BT-LH80W will be available in July 2007 with an estimated suggested list price of under $3000. The optional HD-SDI input module will also be available in July 2007 at an estimated suggested list price of under $700.

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*The optional 15- to 20-pin and DC cables will work only with Panasonic cameras.