Panasonic Unveils Professional SDHC Memory Cards (32GB/16B) for AVCCAM
Proposing the transition of professional video acquisition to tape-less operations
Osaka, Japan - Panasonic, the leading brand for which Matsushita Electric Industrial is well known, today announced its new professional SDHC memory cards including AG-SDV032 (32GB) and AG-SDV016G (16GB). These two cards will be available worldwide in June 2008.

Along with the expansion of HD terrestrial digital broadcasting, broadcasters and production houses worldwide are currently shifting systems from the conventional tape-based broadcasting system to a tape-less system such as Panasonic’s “P2HD” series of solid-state memory recording system. Tape-less HD video camcorders such as those in the AVCHD line are about to spread rapidly in the consumer market as well.

Amidst this trend, Panasonic predicts that professional video making market (including the production of wedding videos, corporate/educational videos and self-made movies) in which video camcorders or VTRs using the DV format have been in the mainstream of these productions are about to go tape-less rapidly.

In order to respond to this trend, Panasonic released the “AVCCAM” series of shoulder-mounted video camcorder AG-HMC70 series in its professional AVCHD line in April 2008. Panasonic will also launch a more full-fledged professional hand-held video camcorder AG-HMC150 series this fall. The new professional memory cards have been developed as large-capacity SDHC memory cards that enable users to use these recorders according to their professional needs.

Panasonic is committed to pursuing the benefits of memory recording systems and proposing lower-cost and more reliable video production in the professional video market as well.

Recording Time of Professional AVCHD Camcorder