SECAUCUS, NJ (February 11, 2008) – Panasonic announced the availability of its new AJ-PCD35, a new five-slot P2 solid-state memory drive with a PCI Express (PCIe) interface. Joining Panasonic’s growing line of advanced P2 workflow tools, the PCD35 can increase transfer speed of P2 content to maximums of 1.0Gps or higher to desktop computer systems.

An essential workflow tool for file-based P2 production, the PCD35 P2 memory card drive provides professionals with a faster, more convenient file transfer workflow with the latest generation of computers equipped with a PCIe bus. It can transfer data from up to five P2 cards simultaneously, making content immediately available to nonlinear editing systems and servers.

With the use of the PCIe interface, the PCD35 offers increased transfer rates of maximum 1.0Gbps or higher with multiple 64GB P2 cards and up to 800 Mbps off a single 64GB P2 card.* Because the drive supports all P2 card sizes, P2 formats and frame rates, storage capacity and compatibility is a non-issue, unlike many fixed format systems such as optical disc and tape. With five 64GB P2 cards inserted, the PCD35 can offer immediate access to more than 20 hours of DVCPRO, 10 hours DVCPRO50 or AVC-Intra 50, or more than 5 hours of DVCPRO HD or AVC-Intra 100 content.

The PCD35 plugs easily into a tower computer’s PCIe card slots, making it well suited for flexible playback or editing. It can also be used as an external device. The drive is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Mac OS X and comes with an AC adaptor.

The PCD35 is available now at a suggested list price of $2,190.

Panasonic’s line of P2 workflow products also include the AJ-PCD20, a five-slot P2 drive with USB 2.0/ IEEE1394b interface, AJ-PCS060G P2 store drive, the compact AG-HPG10 P2 Gear and the AVC-Intra compatible AG-HPG20 P2 Portable recorders, and the powerful AJ-HPM110 P2 Mobile HD recorder/player.

P2 HD all solid-state products offer high definition recording without the mechanical wear and environmental limitations of tape, hard disk, and optical disc based systems. P2 HD ensures the highest reliability, especially in challenging conditions of extreme temperature range, shock, and vibration. P2 HD products provide a significant reduction in maintenance costs, longer useful product life, and immediate access to recorded video (no need to digitize, ingest or create proxy video files) and metadata. P2 HD provides the reliability of solid-state production; the immediate connectivity to existing IT infrastructures; the speed, ease of use and portability of P2 cards; and the interoperability with leading NLE systems.

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