The Lightest 2/3-type Shoulder-type Model
The AG-HPX600 is the lightest* in its class at approximately 2.8kg (6.2 lb) for the main unit. This compact body provides superb mobility. It is also designed with excellent forward visibility. The 2/3-type bayonet mount interchangeable lens system lets a camera crew choose from a variety of 2/3-type lenses for broadcasting and other professional uses form third-party manufactures.

* As a 2/3-type shoulder-type HD camera recorder (as of August 2012)

New, High-Sensitivity F12 (at 59.94Hz) / F13 (at 50Hz) MOS sensor

A newly developed 2/3-type MOS sensor offers levels of F12 sensitivity at 59.94Hz and F13 sensitivity at 50Hz and low noise with an S/N of 59 dB (standard) that surpass many 2/3-type 3CCD cameras. High-speed scanning minimizes skewing distortion. With high-quality image processor, the AG-HPX600 features the following versatile image settings.

(Chromatic Aberration Compensation): When using a CAC compatible lens, the small amount of circumjacent chromatic aberration (circumjacent blur) that is not corrected by the lens is compensated by this process.

(Dynamic Range Stretch): Suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights to achieve a visually wide dynamic range.
* The DRS function does not operate in 1080/25p, 1080/24p or 1080/30p mode.

-Advanced Flash Band Compensation
(FBC): High-precision flash band detection and compensation.

: Select from 7-mode (HD NORM / LOW / SD NORM / HIGH / B. PRESS / CONE-LIKE D / CINE-LIKE V) gamma curves.

-Digital Image Settings
: H Detail, V Detail, Detail Coring, Skin Tone Detail, Chroma Level, Chroma Phase, Color Temperature, Master Pedestal, Knee (LOW / MID / HIGH), Matrix (NORM1 / NORM2 / FLOU / CONE-LIKE).

HD / SD Multi-Format and Multi-Codec Recording

The AG-HPX600 supports multi HD / SD codec including 1920x1080 10-bit 4:2:2 AVC-Intra100 and 60Hz*/50Hz switchable for worldwide use. When installing an optional HD / SD SDI input board (AG-YA600G), it also can be uses as a portable recorder.

Recording Format and Input Signal
* 24p=23.98p, 30p=29.97p and 60i=59.94i

Expandability and Upgradability
The AG-HPX600 has the variety of options which a camera crew can select only they need. This enables low-cost system support for numerous and diverse applications.

-High-Resolution Proxy Video Supported (with the optional AG-YDX600G Video Encoder Board): With this option, the AG-HPX600 records proxy files onto SD/SDHC memory cards or onto P2 cards.* It supports high-quality video (Quick Time/H.264) and audio formats at a low bit rate. High-quality proxy file can be used for breaking news and other scenarios that would benefit from proxy workflows. Moreover, it streamlines the production workflow by allowing the editor to review the content details during offline editing. The AG-YDX600G will be available in September, 2012 at suggested list price of ¥210,000 (including tax)
*Proxy data cannot be recorded when using the Loop Rec or Interval Rec function. Proxy data is low-resolution video and audio data with time code, metadata, and other management data in a file format. Use of DCF Technologies under license from Multi-Format, Inc.

-Streaming with a Wireless or Wired LAN (with the optional AG-SFU601G Upgrade Software Key and AJ-WM30 Wireless Module): These options enable use of a wireless or wired (Ethernet) LAN. Proxy files* can be streamed or viewed via a standard web browser on a PC/Mac, tablet, or smartphone. While viewing the streamed files, metadata can be added to the P2 files. Using a PC/Mac also enables a cloud-based workflow by uploading and sharing video data via network. The AG-SFU601G will be available in September, 2012 at suggested list price of ¥157,500 (including tax).
* The optional AG-YDX600G Video Encoder Board is required to use proxy video.

-Variable Frame Rate Shooting and 24PsF Output (with the optional AG-SFU602G Production Package Upgrade Software Key): In 720p mode, the frame rate can be set in the range of 1 fps-60 fps, and in 1080p mode it can be set to 1 fps-30fps. This allows the use of undercranking and overcranking to create fast-motion and slow-motion effects. Either 24p/30p Native mode or over 60p mode can be selected for recording. In addition, the 24PsF format can be output from SDI OUT for uncompressed data recording. The AG-SFU602G will be available in September, 2012 at suggested list price of ¥105,000 (including tax).

AVC-ULTRA upgrade and microP2 Card Compatibility upgrade are also planned as the future upgrade options.