1. New camera head incorporating a high-sensitivity 2/3 type 2.2-mega pixel 3CCD with high image quality
The new studio handy camera AK-HC3800G (Tajimi connector model) and AK-HC3800GS (LEMO connector model), incorporating a 2/3 type 2.2-mega pixel 3CCD, achieve high sensitivity of F12 at 50Hz and F11 at 59.94Hz (2,000 lx), low smear, and S/N ratio of 60 dB. The HD formats, 1080/59.94i and 1080/50i, can be switched to allow worldwide use.
The newly developed 16 bit A/D and 38 bit DSP (image processing circuit) achieve high image quality. Incorporates the dynamic range stretch (DRS) function that reduces the blocked shadows and blown highlights in scenes where bright and dark objects coexist, such as those viewed outdoors from inside a room. It also features the CAC function that compensates for chromatic aberration at the lens periphery. The low-profile and low main body design is based on that of the renowned higher-grade model AK-HC3500, while providing an unobstructed view to the camera operatorís right hand side. In addition, this camera is equipped with the Film Rec Gamma function based on the VARICAM system and the Scan Reverse function for cinema lens adaptors. It also features an internal digital extender (x2 magnification).

2. When combined with the CCU AK-HCU200 and ROP AK-HRP200G, a low-cost optical fiber transmission system can be configured.
In combination with the compact camera control unit (CCU), AK-HCU200 (Tajimi connector model) / AK-HCU200S (LEMO connector model) and the remote operation panel (ROP), AK-HRP200G, a high-grade uncompressed optical fiber transmission camera control system can be configured at low cost. The CCU AK-HCU200, compact and lightweight unit measures 2U in height and rack-mountable, has two SDI OUT channels and two SDI OUT channels which can be used in conjunction with the picture monitor outs. For return video inputs, the CCU is equipped with two SDI channels and one VBS (analog composite video) channel. A down converter is also incorporated and an aspect ratio of a SD SDI OUT can be selected from Letterbox, Crop or Squeeze.
The CCU and the ROP can be connected with the cables over a distance of approximately 1,000 m (approximately 1,000 yards). An IP connection with a LAN cable will be supported*. The ROP AK-HRP200G, compact 6U size, can be used to control Panasonicís convertible camera systems and integrated HD cameras (HD cameras integrated with a rotating table), in addition to this camera system.*
Both the CCU and the ROP are equipped with SD card slots, which can be used for storing various settings or upgrading the program. Due to these functions, this camera system exhibits outstanding cost effectiveness in terms of both operability and controllability.
* To be released in the spring of 2013.

3. One of three electronic viewfinders can be selected, including the newly developed AK-HVF70 19.8 cm (7 inches) color LCD.
The newly developed AK-HVF70 19.8 cm (7 inches) color LCD designed for studio use only weighs approximately 1.8 kg (4 lb) (including the hood). The picture quality is high with a resolution of SWVGA (1,024 x 600 pixels). It is equipped with three function switches, to which a user can assign functions, such as contrast, brightness, peaking adjustments, etc. It has the "Focus in Red" function, by which the edges of an object that has been focused on are highlighted in red and the "Pixel-to-Pixel" function, which allows the inputted video to be displayed without resizing.
For an electronic viewfinder, the 50.8 mm (2 inches) HD monochrome tube type AJ-HVF21KG and the 24.4 mm (1 inch) color LCD AJ-CVF100G can be used in addition to the AK-HVF70G.
* The product specifications and design details are subject to change without notice.