Press Release

Industry's Widest-Angle 24mm*1 and Optical 20x Zoom (AG-UX180)
Panasonic Introduces the New UX Series of Professional 4K Camcorders with 1-inch MOS Sensor
Expanding the Lineup of 4K Camcorders for the Professional Video Markets

AG-UX180 Photo
4K Memory Card Camcorders"UX Premium Model"

AG-UX90 Photo
4K Memory Card Camcorders"UX Standard Model"

Product name 4K Memory Card Camcorders
Model number AG-UX180 AG-UX90
Release date December 2016 November 2016

Panasonic introduces two models in the UX Series of professional 4K camcorders. The UX Series is the successor to Panasonic's AVCCAM Series of professional AVCHD camcorders. Given the increasing demand for 4K video content, the UX Series is designed to facilitate the upward shift to 4K for professional image production. The UX series offer specifications, functions and designs that provide the same level of mobility, operability and workflow tracking ability as conventional HD handheld camcorders.

The AG-UX180 premium model features the industry's widest-angle 24mm*1 (at 4K/FHD) and optical 20x zoom, and supports 4K 24p, UHD 60p/50p, FHD 60p/50p recording, 120fps/100fps HD super slow, dual codec recording (UHD*2/FHD), IR recording in dark places, 3G-SDI output, and TC PRESET input/output. The AG-UX90 standard model offers wide-angle 24.5mm (at FHD) and optical 15x zoom, and supports UHD 30p and FHD 60p recording.

In September 2015, Panasonic released the AG-DVX200 integrated-lens, 4K/60p*3 camcorder with a 4/3-inch large-format sensor. With its large sensor, the AG-DVX200 is positioned at the high end of the DVX 4K Series of handheld camcorders for the image production market. Panasonic is also shipping its flagship CINEMA VARICAM Series for HDR image production in 4K resolution. Adding the new UX Series will further enhance the company's broad lineup of 4K camcorders,*4 ranging from high-end to the popularly priced.

In the broadcast equipment exhibition "IBC2016" taking place in Netherlands Amsterdam, Panasonic displays these models from Fri., September 9, 2016 to Tue., September 13.

Major Features of the AG-UX180 Premium Model

Newly Developed, Industry's Widest-Angle 24mm*1 and Optical 20x Zoom Lens

1.0-inch (Effective Size) MOS Sensor for High-Precision, High-Speed 4K 60p/50p*3 Recording

Broadcast Quality Capabilities Such as 16-axis Color Correction and 3G-SDI Output

Major Features of the AG-UX90 Standard Model
*There are a 59.94-Hz area model and a 50.00-Hz area model in this product.

Newly Developed, Wide-Angle 24.5mm*1 and Optical 15x Zoom Lens

1.0-inch MOS Sensor for High-Precision, UHD 30p or 25p and FHD 60p or 50p Recording

Professional Designs Such as Three Manual Rings and XLR Audio Inputs

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