Press Release

4K60p Compact Cinema Camera AU-EVA1 with EF Mount and Newly Developed 5.7K Super 35mm Sensor

"AU-EVA1 Memory Card Camera Recorder" June, 2017 Panasonic Corporation

The AU-EVA1 features a newly developed 5.7K Super 35mm MOS Sensor, which achieves the highest picture quality. 4K/2K 10-bit 4:2:2 images can be recorded onto SDXC memory cards (in Double SD Card Slots). Other technologies inherited from Panasonic's VariCam models include a V-Log gamma, wide color V-Gamut with wide dynamic range, dual native ISO, and 4K60p high-quality, high-frame-rate images. The IR cut filter ON/OFF mechanism provides, the ability to shoot fantasy-like IR (infrared ray) images with Cinematography mode.

The new design has a lightweight 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg) (excluding accessories) compact body, detachable handle and grip, and a flexible LCD monitor, supporting the newest shooting styles, such as drones.

Panasonic will continue contributing to the video production industry by developing the equipment / systems that responds to the needs of the 4K production industry that is expanding on global basis. We will also contribute by supporting the high image quality of the contents as well as the efficiency of the production operation.

< Main Features >

  1. 4K/2K 10-bit 4:2:2 images from a newly developed 5.7K MOS sensor.
  2. New, highly mobile design with a compact, lightweight 2.65 lbs (1.2 kg) body, and detachable handle and grip.
  3. IR cut filter ON/OFF mechanism for fantasy-like IR images with Cinematography mode.

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