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Switchers & Mixers




HD switcher with 16 SDI inputs, 4 SDI outputs, 2 DVI outputs, and Dual-screen MultiViewer as standard equipment.

Multi-format Live Switcher

(AV-HS450N, AV-HS450E)

16 Standard Inputs/Six Standard Outputs(Max. 20 Inputs/10 Outputs)

HD/SD Multi-Format Support

Built-in Frame Synchronizer for All Input Channels

Up-Converter, Dot by Dot and Video Processing

Four Aux Buses and Two P-in-P

A Wide Range of Transitions and Effects

Primatte®* High-Quality Chroma Key

Shot Memory

Up to 20 Windows, Dual-Monitor MultiViewer Display

Superior PTZ Camera System Control

Redundant Power Supply

3D Compatibility: Switch up to Nine 3D Image Inputs


Primatte®* Chroma Keying

Three LR Mix Outputs

Rig-Type 3D Camera Correction Assist

3D Video Signal Status Monitor Displays

Distribution of Lch and Rch signal components, Distribution of amount of parallax in 3D images,A grid is displayed at intervals of about 3% along the width of the screen.

AV-HS450 System Configuration Examples

• HD/SD Production System

HD/SD Production System

• 3D Production System

3D Production System

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