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2ME Live Switcher with complete system adaptability, intuitive operations, high reliability, and advanced 4K compatibility

2ME Live Switcher


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Three types of Control Panels

Control Panel AV-HS60C2

Control Panel AV-HS60C4

Excellent Live Operability Meets Creativity

System Functionality*
32 SDI and two DVI inputs and 16 SDI outputs, with a wide variety of keyers and DVEs. Versatile transition modes and extensive video production features are achieved with high cost effectiveness. Functions are scalable using plug-in software.
Intuitive operation is realized by Multi-Selection Panel, cross point buttons with color grouping function, and a OLED source name display panel. These function to enhance visibility helps quick and accurate switching.
The power supply for the mainframe and control panel is redundant. Up to 3 panels can be operated through an IP connection to provide stable system operation.
  1. * : Some Functions differ when 3G/4K mode is selected. See "3G format compatibility" (PDF) for details.


  • Excellent Value System Capability
  • Effects to Enhance Your Creativity
  • Split Screen Outputs to Fit the Setup
  • Flexible Scalability and Secure Operability
  • Easy Direct Switching by Touch and Mouse Operations Software Control Panel AV-SF6000G

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