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P2 Cast

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A Revolutionary Solution to News Operations Achieved by P2 and IoT Technology

P2 Cast is Panasonic's P2 central management system that brings a revolutionary solution to news gathering and operations. P2 Cast is far more than just a network-based data transfer or file sharing service.
It automates the uploading of live images from camera recorders to the P2 Cast Cloud in real time.
The newsroom editor and other staff members can share the image source on the web by accessing the cloud. What's more, P2 Cast makes it possible to obtain high-res (high-definition image) data using the Highlight Editing function, confirm the camera recorder information including position information, transmit metadata to the camera recorders, and centrally manage the camera recorders by remote setup. All these add up to a workflow revolution and innovation.
P2 Cast offers a complete package of solutions that are required for today's news gathering and production — such as speed, low cost, high quality, management, and more.

System Configuration

For Backing Up System

For Backing Up a Camera-Recorder

The compact, lightweight design and battery drive enable to use in outdoor locations.
SDI input allows Full-HD acquisition from a wide variety of sources, including camerarecorders. Back-up recording* is also possible with the Rec Start/Stop function of the camera-recorder connected the Portable Recorder with SDI. Since simultaneous IP/SDI/HDMI output is possible, the Portable Recorder can be used as a signal distributor to monitors, PCs, and tablets.

* Linked automatic recording must be supported by the camera-recorder.

System Configuration