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POVCAM Applications Using the Compact Camera Head

For Close-up Face Shots in TV Program Production

By placing Camera Heads on the table during news or information show, close-up shots of the people seated around the table can be taken with highly natural expressions. Several cameras can be mounted even in a small studio, and a single operator can handle them with IP control. This also helps to reduce production costs.

System Diagram

For Indoor Events Such as Weddings and Reality TV Shows

By suspending a Camera Head unobtrusively from the ceiling, on a stage, or on a mic stand, images can be recorded that wouldn't be possible by an ordinary camera operator.

System Diagram

For Nature Observations, Documentaries, Sports and Webcasts

While shooting extended images in highquality 4K (UHD) or Full-HD format, live webcasts can be produced by IP streaming. The compact Camera Head can be flexibly mounted and combined with IP control for remote shooting, providing the high image quality that is required for video production. Infrared (IR) mode also allows nighttime shooting.

  1. *: In the night shooting is required IR light. IR light is recommended the product of the wavelength 800 nm to 950 nm (850 nm is the most suitable). In order to shoot to clear the subject, it also requires a large amount of irradiation of IR light in addition to the performance of the camera.

System Diagram

System Examples with a Standalone Recorder

For Backing Up a Camera-Recorder

The compact, lightweight design and battery drive enable to use in outdoor locations. SDI input allows Full-HD acquisition from a wide variety of sources, including camerarecorders. Back-up recording* is also possible with the Rec Start/Stop function of the camera-recorder connected the Portable Recorder with SDI. Since simultaneous IP/SDI/HDMI output is possible, the Portable Recorder can be used as a signal distributor to monitors, PCs, and tablets.

  1. *: Linked automatic recording must be supported by the camera-recorder.

System Diagram

For Recording and Networking from a Information Camera

For recording an existing HD information camera or weather camera. In addition to the extended recording capability of large-capacity SDXC/SDHC Memory Cards and Double SD Memory Card Slots, the IP streaming function enables use as a network camera.

System Diagram

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