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Shot on AG-DVX200: A Day of Life

"A Day of Life" Highlight Scenes

Scene 1: This 4K Camera Recorder is ideal for documentaries. It combines stunning 4K picture quality, excellent mobility with its integrated lens, rich gradation with its V-Log L, and a long recording time with no file restrictions.
Scene 2: This clearly evokes images of wedding videography. It was recorded entirely with the V-Log L, which can be seen in the expression produced by the wide dynamic range.
Scene 3: This clear picture quality has excellent details and minimal color bleeding, thanks to its 4K (4096 x 2160) resolution and LEICA DICOMAR 4K lens.
Scene 4: There's almost no compression noise even in difficult scenes, such as this one with the spray of the waterfall and the light filtering through the trees.
Scene 5: This beautiful bokeh effect was achieved useing a shallow depth of field. The large 4/3-type sensor and Macro function provide the same level of expression as you get with a DSLR camera.
Scene 6: This running bike shot, taken from a helicopter, was totally handheld. Sports scenes like this are possible thanks to the wide zoom range, powerful focusing, and excellent hand-shake correction.
Scene 7: This fast-action shot was recorded at UHD/60p and HD/120p (VFR 120fps) for beautifully dynamic images with a slow-motion effect.
Scene 8: Remarkable level of expression made possible by the wide angle of view and high-definition 4K imaging. The creator's sensibility is clearly expressed in the image, thanks to the camera's agile mobility.

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