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VariCam HS

Superb Picture Quality with High-Speed 240 fps Recording

Newly Developed 2/3-type 2.2-Megapixel 3MOS Sensor

The VariCam HS features a 2/3-type 2.2-megapixel 3MOS sensor developed specially for this model. It achieves high sensitivity, low noise and a wide dynamic range.

14 Stops of Latitude

The dynamic range is 14 stops or more. The wide dynamic range assures accurate image rendering over the entire image area, from dark parts to highlights. Even in dimly lit scenes, which are particularly important in movie production, the VariCam HS provides low-noise images without any compromise in picture quality.

The "VariCam Look" with Evolved Color Gamut and Dynamic Range

The VariCam HS is equipped with the gamma curve which has evolved to "V-Log," further extending the dynamic range of the "F-REC" gamma curve, which was highly acclaimed in the original VariCam. It is capable of recording the 14 stops of dynamic range offered by the VariCam HS, and enhances grading flexibility.


High Frame Rate Records at 240 fps

When using the AVC-Intra100 codec for recording, the frame rate can be set in the range of 1 fps to 240 fps. Overcranking at the maximum speed of 10x provides a slow-motion effect of about 1/10 normal speed. The frame rate can be changed while recording, allowing smooth variation of the slow-motion effect within the same scene. When set to a low frame rate, undercranking (quick-motion effect) can be achieved.

Optimized Internal Optical Filter

The VariCam HS has a high-precision internal optical filter made by bonding an optical low-pass filter and IR glass and providing it with a UV/IR-cut coating (membrane). The low-pass filter eliminates aliasing and provides optimum resolution. The UV/IR-cut filter prevents ghosts and reddening in dark areas inside the camera. For frequently used ND filters, the compact body houses a rotary filter system with four filters (1/4ND, 1/16ND, 1/64ND, CLEAR) for easy switching.


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